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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Relief » The Real Reason Obama Is Sending US Troops To Uganda (Saef Gaddafi), 2 of 2

The Real Reason Obama Is Sending US Troops To Uganda (Saef Gaddafi), 2 of 2

The US has been openly and clandestinely arming various ethnic groups in Africa for decades, fomenting hostilities and stoking the fires they create in order to justify selling more arms to whomever will buy them. Keep in mind the Africans are buying the weapons on credit (with interest). This means the banksters get their cut along with the weapons manufacturers and the arms middle men and they all get paid from US tax payer dollars!! “Because many of the recipient countries remain some of the world’s poorest, the US government provided around $87 million in foreign military financing loans (subsidized by US taxpayer dollars) to cover the costs, increasing the debt burden that is already suffocating the continent. The DRC alone owes more than $150 million in outstanding DoD loans, with Liberia, Somalia, and Sudan owing another $160 million combined. These loans, accrued while corrupt dictators were serving as US clients, have further contributed to the economic hardships of these nations by saddling them with unproductive military debt. In an article titled Why the US Won’t Help, a Nairobi newspaper recently explained, ‘Right from the days of the Cold War, Western governments have been comfortable with a situation in which African regimes squandered meager resources on the instruments of war, borrowing from the West to finance domestic consumption. The war in the Congo and the countries involved in it are a case in point’… In 1998, the State Department


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25 Responses to "The Real Reason Obama Is Sending US Troops To Uganda (Saef Gaddafi), 2 of 2"

  1. getmoneystayreal says:
    Great video,subscribed also! God bless!
  2. edrubangura says:

    Check this out idiot libyan traitor, see now how your country oil is gone forever, owned by the West.

    NATO has asked the rebels who sold their country to pay the bill for the war. The bill rises to $ 480 billion.

    This war has claimed more than 70,000 dead and thousands injured. Babies, children, women, old, … murdered by NATO bombs.

    All the infrastructure of Libya are destroyed schools, universities, hospitals, mosques, roads,

  3. edrubangura says:

    Here you go, traitor, this is the kind of western freedom, you will be dealing soon. You sold out Libya. As I said before your country oil belongs now to World Bank and IMF.

    News from NTC : Libya (NTC government) now owes one billion dollars!!!!
    NATO puppet Mahmoud Jibril: The reconstruction of Libya’s is impossible / and the Libyans should find income other than oil because it is coming to an end?! ******thieves
    Ali Altarhuni:: Libya now owes one billion dollars

  4. kathyvert says:


  5. kathyvert says:
    At school I thought diamonds came from vaults: now I’ve got gold and diamond mine concessions in Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Kenya and the Congo, and I’m promoting a record for the Azerbaijan government. Recently, I bought an expensive car in cash, which resulted in a visit by the police. It was like Police Officer all over again.
  6. kathyvert says:
    Cockney Translation had endeared me to a lot of serious businessmen in the East End of London, and because of the records, I’d met a lot of influential people who helped me get investment
  7. kathyvert says:
    I was invited to meet the Queen, who said she listened to my records in the palace. Although I paved the way for people like the Streets and Dizzee Rascal, I left the music business because I wasn’t rich. I first became aware of the possibilities for mining after visiting Grenada, where my mother comes from.
  8. kathyvert says:
    David Emmanuel
    Then: Early-80s reggae MC Smiley Culture
    Now: Diamond mine manager

    My hit single Police Officer was a true story – the police used to take my weed. It was better than being arrested, and I made that into a hit. With Cockney Translation I was a black man talking cockney. I integrated cultures even though I didn’t understand it at the time.

  9. kathyvert says:
    Following his death, there was a large nonviolent march to Scotland Yard, but the event was little reported.

    His death is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. He is survived by his mother, son, daughter, sister and three brothers.

  10. kathyvert says:
    Reggae singer Smiley Culture dies during police raid in Surrey, England
    On 15 March 2011, Emmanuel died, from a stab wound police say was self-inflicted, while the police were searching his house in Warlingham, Surrey, an hour and a half after officers arrived with a search warrant.

    A post-mortem examination revealed that he had died from a single stab wound to the heart.

  11. kathyvert says:
    After being arrested in July 2010, he was charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine, and on 28 September he appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court in London. His trial was due to begin on 21 March 2011.
  12. kathyvert says:
    In 2010, Emmanuel told The Guardian that after his career in music he began investing in diamond mining, and by 2010 had gold and diamond mine concessions in several countries including Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  13. kathyvert says:
    David Victor Emmanuel (10 February 1963 – 15 March 2011), better known as Smiley Culture, was a British reggae singer and deejay known for his ‘fast chat’ style. During a relatively brief period of fame and success, he produced two of the most critically acclaimed reggae singles of the 1980s. He died on 15 March 2011, aged 48, during a police raid on his home.
  14. edrubangura says:

    Hey idiot traitor libyan, ask yourself why the poor people of Abu Salim fought for Gaddafi to death. It’s because Gaddafi cared for the poor ones in Libya. Or do you remember when Gaddafi wanted to give oil revenues directly to people and those who voted down this good initiative are those traitors of TNC who used to work for him. Do you think any of your future leader will share oil revenues to people directly as Gaddafi wanted?

    Where are those billions Gaddafi stole? Stupid liar!

  15. CharcoalJoe says:
    @zawiman Have YOU been in Libya?
  16. CharcoalJoe says:
    WOW T.WEST, that was wonderful. Keep it coming.
  17. ckzckw says:
    @waffiki pls download and save, I shall ask you for a copy in the v near future.
  18. zawiman says:
    @edrubangura What did the Libyans get from Gaddaffi? he stole the oil money and kept it in swiss banks for his family. If you want to bring facts about what Gaddaffi did for Libya, why don’t you visit Libya and see by yourself instead if picking fake news. Who told you there is no homless in Libya? maybe you need to visit the country and then tell me about the oil and Zionist banking. I suggest that you find some political party and join it as you seem into politics and enjoy finger pointing.
  19. waffiki says:
    How was gaddafi captured? i saw the video of gaddafi before they killed him they were sodomizing him as well, it is really disturbing.
    i tried to send you the link, but it didn’t go through. these type of people are not going to build Libya, they are going to diminish it. I do not think his son is going to be safe.
  20. MrNukecola says:
  21. MrNukecola says:
  22. MrNukecola says:
  23. edrubangura says:

    You don’t care about oil? Without oil, your country will return to the Dark Ages! Sorry to say this, World Bank and IMF are going to own your oil.

    This is how you reward a Leader who has protected Libya against the Zionist banking Cartel for 40 years? Just see how the Zionist Bankers have destroyed the United States and weep! Millions of homeless and 40 millions of americans without healthcare, going hungry everyday. In Libya, you din’t have even one homeless before NATO bombs!

  24. zawiman says:
    @edrubangura We don’t get involved in other countries, if you call a human a rat then you are no different than Gaddaffi, We have nothing againest anyone. and we don’t force our values on others. I don’t care about oil and nato have other reasons to support the no fly zone which created by the security council. What u said about sharia law is rubish, easy for people like u to talk behind a PC thinking everything in the media is right, i seen many talk like u thinking they know everything.
  25. edrubangura says:

    Only a minority of islamists who wanted to impose Islam as a form of sharia to Libya society, had fear of Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya Socialist System and they should. Look now, one half of the population, Empoweed women of the Jamahariya are going to start living in fear and nightmare of the sharia and its barbaric laws.

    By the way, the West is going to start killing all the rebels who really want “True Democracy”. They will give you a “Weak Democracy” to be able to steal your oil!

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