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The Revolution Becomes Bigger

The Revolution Becomes Bigger I told you I would have more for you about the purported assassination of Muammar Gaddafi once Barack Obama made his statements. Obama has made those statements and nowhere in those statements did he confirm what the NATO NTC in Libya indicated, that Gaddafi is dead. He stated that the NTC said Gaddafi has been killed but he would not indicate that to be factually the case. Obama stated, “One of the world’s longest-serving dictators is no more”. The truth is that the longest serving dictator is the anonymous entity known as the Federal Reserve Bank in the US. It has bankrupt the US and sold most of the American people into debt slavery. It now seeks to climb out of bankruptcy by once again invading the resources of Africa to reverse the far greater economic growth throughout Africa than the 1.5% or less in economic growth in the US and the EU. If the leader of Libya who kept Libya out of debt with the highest standard of living in Africa has passed on to be with the ancestors, his legacy will continue. The revolution in Libya and around the world is being born. It is a revolution to rid the world of the banking cartels of Wall Street and its sister markets around the world. Obama went on to say, “the dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted.” For Africa and the African people, the mixed breed Obama is the tyrant who dares to tread upon Africa under the pretense of freedom and democracy similar to his forefathers who once did the same under the


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25 Responses to "The Revolution Becomes Bigger"

  1. TheHumble85 says:
    housenegro hahaha I love this man..!!! an truth blackman
  2. AfriSynergy says:
    You are very observant. Yes, one does have to be flexible and be capable of understanding many ideas, concepts, realities and human nature to communicate effectively. Have to be understanding and even hard nose when necessary with certain persons. Have to know the disposition of who you’re communicating with.

    Finally, yes, it does help to master various tools used to communicate effectively, and it requires patience.

  3. AfriSynergy says:
    David Duke has grown wiser with age and that is good.
  4. dtrain138 says:
    Other channels are catching on to your work and I know you see others’ work. I FEEL the unity of all types of entities on YouTube who, in an earlier time, may not have been on the same accord. I believe this is my calling to unite opposing views. I don’t know many black ppl who would give a glance to a David Duke to see if that boogie man is all that the media makes him out to be. There IS a common thread in all of us. Tyranny must cease by the masses uniting against evil’s systems.
  5. dtrain138 says:
    @AfriSynergy I’m quickly learning that when you delve into one area of art and programs that deal with artistic things (illustrator, photoshop, video editing software, etc.) you pretty much have to learn other areas as well. So you then become almost a ‘T West’ of all trades. Many props to you and your staff (if you have one) for your knowledge, endurance, resilience and flexibility. Because you not only have to stay up on the info, but recall the new stuff to continue the fight.
  6. lionsome says:
    @AfriSynergy mmm makes sense! I will keep watching your videos.thanks
  7. AfriSynergy says:
    Thank you for your comments and questions. One more point. The Republicans have something to prove this time around. What is it? That they too can elect a black man but one who came from the long history of the USA, not a transplanted “wanna be”. They want to prove the GOP isn’t lilly white.
  8. lionsome says:
    @AfriSynergy thanks do seem to have your viewpoints and understand politics.I’ve learnt somethings from you since yesterday
  9. AfriSynergy says:
    Herman Cain grew up having a “black experience” while Barack Obama did not. Cain has used much of the typical rhetoric to attract right wing support. The main advantage that he would have over Obama is the ability to govern with the domestic economy without the Republicans standing in the way. The Dems are not nearly as effective as Republicans are at obstructing, On foreign policy, Cain would not be as warmongering as Obama, a problem for Republicans. Why? “Black experience”.
  10. lionsome says:
    @AfriSynergy would he be good?
  11. AfriSynergy says:
    If Marshall Law is declared before the 2012 elections, you will likely see a race between Barack Obama and Herman Cain. Even though most would say impossible, Herman Cain would probably be the winner.
  12. lionsome says:
    @AfriSynergy after him I doubt we’ll see a black president for a long time
  13. AfriSynergy says:
    Do I see “any good in Obama?” Not much but I do see lots of deceit in President Obama. I see a political animal who will do almost anything to retain power.
  14. lionsome says:
    @AfriSynergy do you see any good in obama?
  15. AfriSynergy says:
    The Obama Nobel Peace Prize means absolutely nothing to me. It was a down payment for the trickery he needed to play a role with. He hadn’t done anything yet the Europeans awarded him this prize.

    On the topic of “lynching”, he is doing this to himself.

  16. lionsome says:
    @AfriSynergy so obama’s nobel peace prize means nothing to you?
  17. AfriSynergy says:
    Often used slogan but in this case, the TRUTH is not “dirty laundry”. The dirt is in what you and others are being silent about simply because Obama says he is one of us. The right wingers wanted silence for the crimes committed by George Bush and you ask me to do the same for Obama. Never!
  18. lionsome says:
    by you publicly fighting obama,the white man is laughing at us.let’s not display our dirty laundry in the public,brother!
  19. eethry says:
    subscribed, and sharing
  20. ImpulseRelay says:
    Africa’s only hope is in the Pan African Movenment. We will either unite as brothers or we will perish as fools.
  21. 2gercelticw says:
    Greatness does not run away
  22. AfriSynergy says:
    LOL…. your statement reflects your gross ignorance of the influence Gaddafi has had in other countries around the world. I’ve seen some of it personally myself in other countries.
  23. jxhensley says:
    In 40 years Gaddafi did not export the “Jamahiriya” system to one other country because it was pile of shit and nobody wanted it.
  24. sallyos06460 says:
    Thank you. Peace to all. We ill prevail.
  25. manakurei says:
    If you aren’t willing to bear arms storm the White House, and kill everyone in Congress, to start the American revolution, be quiet that’s my motto.

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