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The SHOCKING Truth About the US Dollar: What The Media Never Told You

Listen as Follow the Money Weekly Radio show host, Jerry Robinson, explains the shocking truth about the coming collapse of the US Dollar. In this video, Jerry Robinson explains the Petrodollar System and how it’s collapse will destroy the dollar through hyperinflation. Jerry Robinson is a popular economist and best-selling author of the book “Bankruptcy of our Nation.” You can learn more about him and his weekly radio show, Follow the Money Weekly, online at


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25 Responses to "The SHOCKING Truth About the US Dollar: What The Media Never Told You"

  1. bambolina2005 says:
    @knowledgeispowerfful That is taken from a movie but I can’t remember which one sorry.
  2. kingcopy11 says:
    @knowledgeispowerfful I think it is a soundbite from the movie “The Network.”
  3. f0revern0ty0urs2 says:
    very informative indeed,though i feel like there is something missing…oh w8 i got it,what about Jews?they must have their fingers in this one way or another…
  4. miinyoo says:
    @Kidamneziac If the US came to its senses and embraced its founding principles. This wouldn’t be an issue. Furthermore, the US founding principles were created to prevent this scenario. That is a sad part of reality.

    We have ignored and lost our way in the US. We still ignore why we were an amazing place to be, an amazing place to thrive. We ignore our own heritage, flaws aside and there are many.

    We are ignoring the truth. Truth is, we are no better than the commies we fight.
    We are wrong.

  5. knowledgeispowerfful says:
    Toward the end of the vid at 9:12 who is that person talking?  would like to heard more from this guy. This vid is very informative, thanks so much for sharing.
  6. justin20111000 says:
    This is why the U.S. is in debt. We print up tons of useless paper that has no actual value. people drop it, it gets stolen, ripped up. if the U.S. went back to the the Gold Standard act then we might not have a collaps of the dollar or any other bill. gold is at the highest its ever been. if our money was backed up by gold today then i garentee that we would have at least some breathing room with our debt. Also people would pay attention more to their money if it was in gold or silver coins.
  7. justin20111000 says:
    the u.s. Dollar is inflating because we have nothing backing it up. its just a piece of paper that has no true value. it was made for what it was supposed to to be “a federal reserve note”. Back in the 1800′s the federal reserve note was basicly saying that the bank made an I owe You card for the payer on demand. so if the person made five dollars a week then they would go to the bank exchange the federal note for five dollar in gold or silver depending on the notes’ seal.
  8. syntaxed2 says:
    My country also trades alot in USD, not to mention all oil trading worldwide is in dollars only…but it comes down to this:

    * I dont support the Israeli occupation
    * the USD is used to fund and arm Israel
    * This leads me to the conclusion: I dont want to support this currency because it indirectly means I am supporting Israeli policy every time i refuel my car :S

  9. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 knowing all that and a box of cookies…then you can see the advantages to having the world reserve currency and unlimited printing press by exporting inflation to third world countries and having them lend back to US cheaply. This is why my kids aspire to be nike shoe makers or ipad technicians so that someday your kid can aspire to be astronaut or NFL star!
  10. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 and because borrowing is basically taking from the future workeffort/energy and using it today. you’re assumption that future energy sources that create growth will be available to pay off past debts and obligations. if not, the system defaults and debt and equity is a zero sum game. so the US will keep with the managed default until finite resources will not be available for americans to use for their big SUVs and fancy homes, then you will see a hyperinflation.
  11. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 so if money is just another expression of workeffort output = energy. currency is the current form of money transaction. Also when youre saving your hard working ‘dollars’, youre basically saying you want to defer consumption. if inflation in our system, your workeffort is being eroded so you work for free overtime. this will be a major disadvantage for savers. if there are no savers, then there are no investments, so instead we borrow for our current and future consumptions
  12. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 the system is a wash when debt + equity is the foundation of growth. the fact that the USD owns the world reserve currency and a lock on commodity priced in USD makes US immune to hyperinflationary problems, for now. any deflationary scenario like the gold standard will never come home to the fed because inflation growth is the only means of paying down debt and keep our sovereignty
  13. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 ok, ‘money’ = workeffort + time = energy. Currently, currency is that ‘vehicle’ of choice.
    regardless of obama, bush, clinton, bushsr., etc…this debt base system of credit expansion will ultimately halt the system which means credit and inflation growth acceleration thru debt expansion will hyperinflate the system. regardless of politics. far as the world is concern, a stable currency or money needs to be in place to have the foundations for countries, ppl to create wealth.
  14. MrConservative608 says:
    @HermandLo Arrrg! Why do you keep saying inflation is “money expansion” or “money growth”? Inflation is currency or cash growth. Money or wealth growth comes, as you said, through converting natural resources into goods or services. Obama has been inflating the currency and calling it wealth creation and wants everyone to not see the difference. Going back to Japan, I don’t see what is wrong when private businesses in Japan create wealth & need enough cash on hand in the banks because of it.
  15. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 you are assuming a growth model that unlimited credit and money expansion and finite resources are a none issue. At some point, digital dollars will overstrip real world tangibles and collide.
    the inflation/deflation camp is irrelevant when you have a centralized control of the money supply and free markets have no way of correcting mal-investments. think bout how this system works we are now capitalizing inflation (money growth) vs socializing deflation (asset price revalue).
  16. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 understand that the real wealth comes from the natural resources that provide end goods and services….a financial transaction can not be completed without some form of energy in/out. that energy can not be substituted/replaced. in other words, the more inflationary or money printing, cheap credit, is available, the more natural resources we will consume over time. . Uur industrial revolution is mainly fueled by fossil fuel, without it., euro, yen, dollar is worthless.
  17. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 zero sum game where wage inflation and real + core inflation aline and if thats the case, you’re really jerking off to the same percentage and numbers, it just makes you feel better at the end of the day. that $10 worth of wages buys you the same and $100 worth buys you the same. the real threat is wage inflation has lagged to the point of divide and thats the core, fiat money create (inflation) spurs debt in turn creates more credit and fuels more indebtedness.
  18. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 are you talking bout run on banks? then yes, in a fractional reserve system, x bank has only so much ‘physical’ currency available for depositors and most banks only carry 5-10 reserves on hand. but thats not the point here, regardless of cash flow of credit expansion. wealth is created with the tangible of the world, not how much currency is created by inflating the pricing of the goods and services. its a zero sum game in a perfect world but its not….
  19. MrConservative608 says:
    @HermandLo I agree to devalue a currency (not money [let's be specific about what we are talking about]) is slavery. Yet, if you have more money by getting a paycheck and are unable to access it all in a currency or cash, how do you know you have the total amount of money you have? Inflation is not, in & of itself, bad. You are one of many people who seem to have this polar position on inflation being inherently bad & it is the misuse of inflation in the past few years that colored that view.
  20. MrConservative608 says:
    @HermandLo If you are unable to liquidate your bank account into cold hard cash, how do you know that you have that money? Because the bank says so? Inflation is about printing money so that the bank has enough cash on hand to satisfy account holders demands of withdrawing money. When there is wealth created, it is most likely not created in cash but in money in banks’ account holder’s accounts. Yes, inflation can devalue a currency but only when there is no wealth created.
  21. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 money is a expression of your work + time effort, to devalue it is slavery.
  22. HermandLo says:
    @MrConservative608 fractional reserve system with credit creation is another form of money printing. why would the japanese guy making the toyota for the american want to receive paper money is he/she cant buy anything with it…… reserve currency with commodity underpinning
  23. airraverstaz says:
    @Kidamneziac I dont watch a lot of Politics due to the only thing my parents like to watch is CNN. Its informative but thats not my point, i’m not a huge fan of it. Where I was going with this was, didn’t China offer Libya a pact aswell? Some kind of offer to govern Libya.
  24. MrConservative608 says:
    This video is bull crap to anyone who understands economics. If a Japanese guy earns the Japanese equivalent of $50.00, then it is sitting in his bank account and wants to withdraw $10.00, I don’t see how the federal reserve printing a $10.00 bill to give to his bank is a problem. That $10.00 bill is backed by the equivalent of $10.00 of the Japanese money that he earned. Inflation is only a problem when the printed dollars don’t have wealth backing them. This is all a bunch of ignorant fear
  25. pretorious700 says:
    @getreal77598 What has changed, other than the dollar losing more value? It’s going to happen, it’s just that central banks are furiously doing everything to postpone it. Eeverything this guy says is true. But hey, the world is full of sheep like you.

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