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The Smart Harp

Nicolas Carter plays a test model Smart Harp harp built by Musicmakers (


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11 Responses to "The Smart Harp"

  1. HarpKit says:
    This was an early test model made with a cardboard body. The current Smartwood Harp is available either as a kit you can build or a finished harp, and it now has a wooden body for long-lasting stability. Find it on our web site
  2. DavidAlejandroVVVVV says:
    Anyone knows how much this harp goes for?
  3. ukeinfused says:
  4. chingchuanchiu says:
    Wow, it’s very cool that it’s possible to get such a nice sound from a cardboard harp!
  5. saggyto says:
    Hi Nicolas :
    I don’t speak english. Your music is very nice.
    I speak spanish : ¡ Que lindo instrumento y què bello sonido! El color blanco le da un toque celestial.
  6. pheona1000 says:
    At last – an affordable kit harp which has an amazing sound!
  7. spadoukie says:
    Hey Nick, I guess we will have to use a cardboard microphone to really bring out the true sound! Good to see you at Somerset 2009. David E.
  8. cashcool9 says:
    giving harp and palyer of harp all five stars!! great
  9. MegMerrilies says:
    I’m not surprised he bought it. I’ve seen the 19 string but I could do with at least 3 more strings. Thanks.
  10. HarpKit says:
    Thanks for your note, Meg. We are still in the design stage with our cardboard harp, so we haven’t put it on our web site yet. We don’t plan to make a smaller one because Waring Instruments already makes a 19-string cardboard lap harp. We’re shooting for a more respectable size instrument with a better sound and fancier shape. Nicolas Carter bought this test model after trying it out in our shop. He plans to incorporate it into his upcoming Christmas concerts in Mineapolis.
  11. MegMerrilies says:
    I looked for a cardboard harp on YT last weekend and I decided to look again today and find this posted yesterday!

    I can’t see this one on your website but I’m looking for a travel harp anyway. Do you have a smaller one?

    Nicely played.

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