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The Therapeutic Harp: Ancient Legacy, Sound Science, Clinical Applications

Trailer for the 3-DVD documentary “The Therapeutic Harp” by Sarajane Williams. Traces the harp’s ancient history, and the groundbreaking research and developments that have led to its current use in healthcare settings. Available at

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7 Responses to "The Therapeutic Harp: Ancient Legacy, Sound Science, Clinical Applications"

  1. FunFriendKid1 says:
    Yea You are right
  2. Cymaman says:
    As enticing as this trailer is, it is just a teaser! I’ve shown segments from disk 2, Sound Science, during my last lecture series and it has totally enthralled the audience. This wide-ranging and well-conceived program delves deeply into the mysteries of how live, harp music and vibration in general, can help to bring increased coherency back into our chaotic lives. I highly recommend this series.
    Jeff Volk, Publisher, Cymatics; Producer, Of Sound Mind & Body: Music & Vibrational Healing (DVD)
  3. harpmusicCD says:
    Dear Sarajane,
    Your presence and contributions in the harp world have been monumental. See how far harp therapy has come since we began in the mid ’90′s!
    I am teaching harp now, even on Skype, mentoring harp therapy and recommending “The Harp Therapy Journal” to all of my students!

    Can’t wait to get your DVDs!
    Thank you for your continuing to contribute such valuable tools to the world! They are making a difference in shifting the vibrations of the universe.
    Christine G. Magnussen

  4. happyharpist says:
    What a valuable teaching tool this will be!
    Contains a broad spectrum of disciplines using harp therapy.
  5. wildtorchman says:
    Excellent trailer and a wonderful idea. I have never seen anything like this, and can’t wait to see the DVDs.
  6. csusied says:
    Great trailer…can’t wait to see the dvd’s!
    All the best, SaraJane….Sue D.
  7. moanamona says:
    Very impressive! Can’t wait to see the whole set of videos.
    Kudos Sarajane!!
    Mona Peck

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