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There Is No EuroZone Crisis, and Welcome Home to the Troops! Your 9 minutes of truth, reason, philosophy and reality, from Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web.


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25 Responses to "There Is No EuroZone Crisis, and Welcome Home to the Troops!"

  1. BatDude27 says:
    is their any chance for a revival?
  2. wyw201 says:
    @theherdmentalityYeah but do you know how much it cost to preoccupy these trigger-happy crazies? We simply don’t have the money to continue fighting wars
  3. kopellhinex says:
    bankers+lawyers+police+judge+politicians+criminals+etc = DIRTY CAPITALIST SCUM PIGS.
    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS screwed life & society in human history.
    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS screwed life & society in human history.
    – copy & paste WE ARE THE 99% FREEMAN –
  4. theherdmentality says:
    it’s not good that these soldiers are coming home.

    they are enrolling in community college courses to become cops and are acting like nutjobs in the classroom. their culture has carried over in the classroom and they are disruptive, obnoxious, racist, trigger-happy thugs.

    I hope we start new wars just to keep these crazies pre-occupied, to stop them from coming back here and sharing their drugged and drunken TBI and PTSD with the rest of us, guns a blazin’.

  5. TSMPimpDaddyPain says:
    Glad to see the scruffy stubble there, Stef. A true philosopher should have this from time to time
  6. TSMPimpDaddyPain says:
    @firekid206 When it comes to a battle of wits, you show up unarmed.
  7. TheAmazingMorse says:
    To whom is Europe indebted to?
  8. firekid206 says:
    You are an idiot. Enough said.
  9. twostrongtoo says:
    anyone wanna talk about serge monast and project blue beam on stefs utube videos until he stoppes ignoreing me :(
  10. jazordon says:
    brown shirt, beard, shaved head – today Stefan looks like a monk :)
  11. bootiack says:
    cut government spending is the solution
  12. rockstarofredondo says:
    @lionikleep Right. Says the guy who can’t keep immature insults out of conversation.
  13. lionikleep says:
    @rockstarofredondo grow up.
  14. rockstarofredondo says:
    @lionikleep Oh! You’ve really straightened out my thinking by calling me “offensive” names & getting all verbally abusive! I’ve changed my mind! Paid killers should not have to accept the consequences of being paid killers. :) How can I ever repay you for showing me the way?
  15. lionikleep says:
    @rockstarofredondo you really are one obtuse bitch, are you not? dont you get it or dont you want to get it? do you think every single cop is a brute as well? and if they get killed do they deserve it too? or a fireman? listen dummy, not every soldier is a narrow minded asshole like the type that you are. you are a hypocrite also. not everything is black and white. stop being a dummy, I know you are not as stupid as you pretend to be.
  16. rockstarofredondo says:
    @jancrowb So? If others can see through the deception & realize it’s wrong to be a murderer for hire, why couldn’t they? They allowed themselves to be deceived & if death was a consequence, they certainly knew it & still signed the contract. No one is forcing them through violence to take those jobs. There are plenty of other options, even in a shitty economy. There’s no excuse & they cannot lay blame their choices & the consequences of their actions on anyone but themselves.
  17. abaex says:
    You seriously believe the money to pay off the dept exists so Europe just needs to cut spending? Cutting spendings means less support for the economy – especially the workers – therefore the income will decrease which decreases the income of the countries too. So you couldn’t pay anything off like that – you can’t pay it off in general since money is printed and LOAN to banks WITH INTEREST which LOAN it with even MORE INTEREST to the state. How do you want to pay off non existent money?
  18. jancrowb says:
    @rockstarofredondo most soldiers join up under the, belief, that they are helping to defend their country. however all conflicts since ww2, have been unnecessary, and the armed forces have been conned by the government, to fight wars that have been for profit, and not defence. yes there are many soldiers that deserve what they get, but the majority, are conned into dying for the corporations, by the likes of bush and cheney.
  19. rockstarofredondo says:
    @jancrowb Unlike many of the Vietnam soldiers, NO ONE put guns to these people’s heads & forced them to join the military. They voluntarily agreed to get a job in which they knew they would go kill people they had no evidence of wrongdoing on. It was ENTIRELY their choice & if they come back dead, no one’s to blame but them.
  20. tygerk says:
    lol, I’ve never seen Stef laugh so hysterically before.
    Replay value has increased tremendously just for that alone!
  21. jancrowb says:
    @rockstarofredondo more like the fault of the corrupt governments that sent them to die in illegal wars for profit.
  22. rockstarofredondo says:
    @Doublicon A civil war beard. :D 
  23. rockstarofredondo says:
    @jancrowb Their own damn fault.
  24. rockstarofredondo says:
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scruff! & I am normally the kind of girl that’s into the clean shaven look. Do it again!!! :D
  25. plarfusa says:

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