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Thom debates with Dan Weber, Founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), on Government Back to Drawing Board on how to Address Program that’s Headed for Insolvency.


  1. demos please explain how the mighty obama will run health care when social security and medicare are about to? At a time when major government programs like Medicare and fail ?has obama got a magic wand? Medicaid are already...

  2. Is Medicare going broke? Medicare is reported to be on the path to insolvency in the near future ten years or less. Can anyone...

  3. American citizens might be tried as enemy combatants PLEASE JOIN THE DISCUSSION AT : Ron Paul states that the US govt is heading towards insolvency and...

  4. What is the funding mechanism for the Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Program? I don’t recall my medicare withholding (taxes) out of my paycheck going up when the program took effect in January...

  5. On SS and Medicare , are they broke? Much worse than you probably think , as the funds will not meet the obligations in another few years. The...

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11 Responses to "Thom Hartmann: KICKING THE MEDICARE CAN"

  1. MsZeitgeist85 says:
    As soon as Weber says Part C and D are saving money he has lost all credibility.
  2. Coolioolio101 says:
    I COMPLETELY agree with Dan Weber on this one. So do the majority of Americans. But more importantly, where the heck does Thom get his stats? When he makes up random numbers (30% profits?) his entire argument begins to look like a house of cards. By the way, here’s a piece of advice for some of the commenters: When you have to resort to childish personal attacks on people instead of identifying valid points related to an argument, you’ve not only lost the argument but also your credibility.
  3. EPRVa62 says:
    @megagagnon1 My money is on liar!
  4. hollywoodt00 says:
    Robbing Peter to pay Paul?
  5. flake452 says:
    In the UK where I live a lot of people want to move to a warmer country, most of them being australlia and spain, hardly anyone wants to move to america because it has no health sytem. I think it is stupid having essential things being controlled by private interests.
  6. toeg1 says:

    the retirement funds are those that will lose it all. Those are the funds that you and me spent a lifetime supporting. This guy is right that we are losing our pensions and you are right that the corporations and the elite are taking it all.

    Stop the elite and the pension funds have a posibility of earning something for our retirement.

  7. rwcbanzai says:
    Dan is another corporateCannibal of Corporatism!
  8. megagagnon1 says:
    Dan Weber can’t see that interposition of corporations is inflating health care costs – he’s either a moron or a liar.
  9. ggadguy says:
    I agree with Thom on this. The drug benefit program Bush enacted benefits the corporations. Again, government is just a middle man that skims off the top. And it’s the same with Obamacare. The health care corporations lobbied and advocated for it, got it, and now their stock prices are shooting way up, benefiting billionaires.
  10. ONQproductions says:
    I had to wipe the greasy residue off my computer screen after watching that corporate slimeball.
  11. Lightmane321 says:
    It’s amazing how republicans think

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