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Tom Leykis vs. Bankrupt Deadbeat

Tom Leykis, Los Angeles-based radio host, calls a bankrupt deadbeat on their bs

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25 Responses to "Tom Leykis vs. Bankrupt Deadbeat"

  1. miscuser69 says:
  2. MultiSmartass1 says:
    @MrORLYGTFO I wouldn’t go that far.
    However, in some states, she would be thrown in jail for nonpayment of debt-even though that shouldn’t happen.
    If she is in such a state, she could be thrown in the clink which is probably where she should go.
  3. MrORLYGTFO says:
    by my opinion, woman deserves to die
  4. MultiSmartass1 says:
    A $32,000 income earner with $13,000 in debt is just plain foolish. Unless you are using your credit card to buy food and other necessities, $13,000 in credit card debt is fiscally scary. That income-to-debt ratio is not friendly to this excuse of a woman.
    “Overspending, underearning and acting like you have a job for life.” Absolutely right, Tom.
  5. BMWg84 says:
    Calling in to Tom’s show on a cell phone that has a bill that’s probably passed due.
  6. MultiSmartass1 says:
    What the hell is up with this broad? If you make $32,000 and you have $13,000 in credit card debt that means you are nearly halfway in debt in comparison to your income. That’s not accounting for rent, food and other expenses. Any time you have 6 digit debt, its a major problem. She’s probably living in tent by now.
  7. BudgetBachelorChow says:
    I make ten grand less than this bitch, and have little to no debt. She has no excuse
  8. zer0nix says:
    i retract my former comment. didn’t realize this caller had gone bankrupt until halfway through the clip.
  9. zer0nix says:
    hey, hey, HEY! it’s because of bitches like this that i get free points for using my credit card and for having money in the bank! stop blowing our cover! suck her clit and tell this dumb broad her finances are looking just fine :p
  10. ItNice26 says:
    Dumb bitch.
  11. algebra123us says:
    well we do have the constitutional right for bankruptcy. We just play the game to our advantage. I took up tons of students loans and am living it up in china with a high paying job. Does TOm really think I feel bad for making him pay them back.
  12. pyramidhead138 says:
    speaking of credit, i got a credit CARD yesturday in the mail. and i didnt even apply for the damn thing they just sent it to me. and its from a company whos card i cancelled many years ago N E way, i simply put it through the shredder.
  13. israelifaggot says:
    hahaha, i love tom, he is going harder on her because she is a woman, i love it.
  14. SexSteakSoda says:
    “Wasn’t my fault.” Is she serious? If she had talent or an education, she would’ve been making more than 32k a year. Getting laid off doesn’t entitle you to borrow 13k then never pay it back. Now this stupid cunt will NEVER get a loan with bankruptcy on her record. Serves that dumb lowlife piece of shit of a woman right!!!!
  15. brokeanddrive says:
    Waaah it’s not my faaauullt!! Thick-headed cunt.
  16. Leco070 says:
    It’s true. The large majority of women truly don’t understand the value of a dollar.
  17. S0undBite says:
    13 thousand is insane, my card is caped at $500
  18. blupheonix44 says:


  19. blupheonix44 says:
    Need to start shaming women like this…..

    The “deadbeat dad” argument can so easily be applied to women in debt..

  20. ibanezdude2006 says:
    exactly. i could buy something at a dept store for 30 dollars, pay it off, and not touch the card again for a year. perfect credit.
  21. DIJV79 says:
    $13000 in debt how do you do that ?
  22. UcanbeGOD says:
    IF you get laid off, there sometimes isn’t much you can do about it. People do get dealt shitty hands but that is reality and one should do what they can to prepare for such emergencies and not just fall back on everyone else!
  23. noizefloor says:
    He’ll probably be back somewhere after the first of the year. I think his contract is over in November; after the contract is up, he can get back on the radio.
  24. ij911 says:
    Credit scores have nothing to do with wealth. Credit scores are based on making payments on debt.
  25. cochranexyz says:
    You know, if she was still working, she’d be MORE in debt ‘cos shed be running up bills still.

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