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Toni Braxton Shares Bankruptcy Woes

Toni Braxton talks about her new reality show, Braxton Family Values, and shares some of her bankruptcy story.


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8 Responses to "Toni Braxton Shares Bankruptcy Woes"

  1. Yorkturtle956 says:
    Damn music bizz is fucked up 1,700 off a cd
  2. Yorkturtle956 says:
    Yea I agree
  3. Aldenif says:
    I miss her hair. She looks pretty hot with short hair, but with her long hair, that’s when she looks absolutley beautiful.
  4. ILoveMcWhMj4ever says:
    I Love you Toni.. You are such a great singer. and u deserved a hella lot more than that for UN BREAK MY HEART!!! fantastic song
  5. masculine31 says:
    I’m glad Toni CLEARED this mess up!!!!
  6. briezebaby says:
    She’s so down to earth and very pretty
  7. mmmikeyxx says:
    still looks good to me
  8. irvykinneas says:
    she used to be hot

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