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Toxic Foreclosures and Foreclosure Fraud Workshop by Roy Oppenheim Part 2 Roy Oppenheim Urges Florida Homeowners Make That Call Transcript: November Foreclosure Defense Workshop At a glance, the law is very short and innocuous, but when you consider its implications, it becomes very clear that the reason this went to the Senate about a week ago, is as a result of the GMAC crisis, and that of Chase and Bank of America, the timing of which was identical. You can actually call the White House and state your views as to the bill and they do in fact tally these comments up. You’ll get some college kid whose father paid a lot of money to get him a great internship, whose job it is to take down the details of what you say. So you can in fact call and say that you are opposed to HR 3808, stating that it is once again a trap, and something that the banks are pushing which will hurt homeowners. It’s not going to improve the economy, and all it will do is once again, result in a loss of confidence in America, a country that isn’t protecting property rights, due process rights, or procedures that have been in place for hundreds of years. The idea that this bill is sitting on the president’s desk waiting to be signed, is remarkably problematic. And the fact that this bill went through like stealth with both Democrats and Republicans signing it, is even more shocking. They are trying to get this through as quick as possible, with the implications being that the kind of fraud we have just experienced will now be institutionalized


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