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Trustee In Commerce

Trustee In Commerce Audio .. Ryan, at: CreditorsInCommerce.Com Episode 172 TalkShoe Radio App 12 May 2010 .. another way, create your own trust. No Drivers License or Insurance – Judge: ‘Case Dismissed’ Thursday, 28 January 2010 at 19:20 … From: Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst(TM) I confirm our tremendous success in the courts of Richmond on March 10, 2009 for a traffic ticket! Never been to Provincial traffic court where they get the slaves to pay for their union dues … with traffic violations/contracts. Here is my memory of the events. I noticed that Paul Gibson, the charging constable was not in court. La Judge called out my name and I approached the microphone and said “I claim Common law jurisdiction” Whereupon, pursuant to 8 witnesses, she fumbled with her papers and said, “Well…. we won’t go there, you have been charged with failure to drive with a license and insurance”. Two other police officers in court started to snicker and whisper towards each other and when she said, “how do you plead, guilty or innocent?” I looked at her and said in a calm voice, “I do not consent and I waive the benefits.” She then yelled “Case dismissed!” She did not look up to and continued to fumble with the papers in front of her. Read continuation of the above case & Much Valuable Information at “The Freeman Library”: Thanks to www.CreditorsInCommerce.Com & http


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21 Responses to "Trustee In Commerce"

  1. TheTycotyson says:
    Can somebody show me how this works? I need some help to get started. Please help! Thanks.
  2. MrFmmcosta says:
    your BC is a trust where you are property (res) and beneficiary.
  3. LetsCook2gether says:
    Is it the same as Christian Walters is talking about.
    To get everything out of public and put in the private?
  4. anuthehigh says:
    @Gmoneyluv4u Well we must go in dept with this subject .
  5. Gmoneyluv4u says:
    you are absoluetly right but that concept is being a creditor by using credit in commerce by using fudiciary trust or statutory trust which are non living entities that can mutually hold any assets including liquid but what I’m not clear on is what is actually the difference between creating a private trust and a public trust?
  6. Gmoneyluv4u says:
    you are right in reference to the trust I have tried somethings according to some who might say are scholars in commerce but low and behold you still don’t own you after claiming a representation of yourself for yourself you have to show a repatriation to some group or organization to retrieve full rights and benefits to all the things in commerce thanx!!!
  7. BenZeneProject says:
    @freemanshrout and another thing: George Merciers’ Invisible Contracts- WOW! Thanks again for posting this. There is so much to learn…
  8. BrankoBrankov says:
    @VerifiedNews NO, I DO NOT WANT THEIR, ‘POKER’, GAMES. I do NOT like their games. Their games do NOT have fair rules; they have NO rules at all. The way to win and them to lose, is NOT to go to their PRIVATE properties-courts and STOP playing THEIR games. Declare yourself Sovereign and for injuries, put, one or 101+ Commercial Liens on them and file them to different offices. Liens are for ever.
  9. VerifiedNews says:
    @BrankoBrankov NO, it’s time to LEARN the RULES of the games. And then play with them.
  10. BrankoBrankov says:
    According to this guy,we have to accept the idea that ‘elite’ mafia owns planet Earth together with people.They have stolen and monopolized everything, without telling ME.They created and creating rules of their games without telling ME.They use all unethical pervert- trics,lies,cheating,murrdering &forcing us to play their games.They use their courts,pervert-immoral-judges,police-gangs, arms…FEAR to inforce ther games on us!!!NO!!!!NO MORE!!!IM.FCK.IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE RULES OF THE GAMES
  11. ownnothnctrlevrythin says:
    Great VIDEO MAN!!!!!
  12. Bellyflasher says:
    finally someone who makes sense to me without the side benefit of prison
  13. 28318511 says:
    : Excellent advice, commercial redemption is a flawed concept. I must admit however to a few reservations on the document shown, specifically the definition of a sovereign man. Without wishing to cause discord I am a sovereign man on the land, being that I am the only power and authority within my life. In this I will see no fiction nor grant permission to those abominations claiming all of the rights but none of the personal accountability.
  14. JEHERETIC says:
    Key words is to own nothing and control everything…
  15. anuthehigh says:
    Own nothing control everything J.D Rockefeller.
  16. bergweg says:
    @bergweg Where could one find more in detail info on setting up a trust like the one described in the video?
  17. bergweg says:
    Good stuff! I’m reading a book now called “Hidden Treuhand”, Treuhand means Trust in German. It’s about hidden trusts, very interesting. People from overseas come to Austria, Lichtenstein, Germany and Switzerland in order to create hidden trusts.
  18. freemanshrout says:
    @BenZeneProject .. Thanks for your comment & sentiment.
  19. freemanshrout says:
    @wwood14 … If you listened to this video, and watched others, then you know that by example, Winston Shrout has proven this to be the case, and is able to utilise his trust via the Strawman route.
  20. wwood14 says:
    Is our Birth Certificate Bond part of a Trust arangement with the govt.?? Are we the Benificiaries of a trust that controls the Birth Certificate Bond??
  21. BenZeneProject says:
    excellent advice @~9:20-9:40. For a long time the process of lien against one’s strawman fictional corp almost made sense to me, except for how it would be perceived. Creating a trust gets ones’ interest defined the same way those who set up the system does. That idea makes the most sense.

    I wonder about becoming a creditor and what that would create as liability towards national debt or issuing promissory notes. It seems to make a ‘person’ more liable not less so.

    good stuff here.

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