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Two Trillion Tons (Obama Parody)

**I don’t take credit for this song, though I wish I could. Just remember, parodies are created to mock true events** CREDIT TO: Jim Gossett Lyrics: Obama got elected, now there is no end; The Democrats wanna tax and spend, Tax and spend us into bankruptcy, With a tax-cheat runnin our Treasury. You spend two trillion bucks, and what do you get? No recovery but deeper in debt. St. Peter better call me fore its too late; I owe my soul to the welfare state! Obama is a leftist, as he cant deny; Govern from the center, was a great big lie. Karl Marx Manifesto is his playbook, And you and me soon will be on the hook. You spend two trillion bucks, in unsecured cash; Soon the dollar will be pure trash. Our bond holders we have to appease; We owe our soul to the Red Chinese. Obama and his people are makin a mess, Bernankes fired up the printing press, Printin money that dont exist, No wonder America is gettin (peeved?) You spend two trillion bucks, They aint done yet! Obama and Pelosi are pilin up the debt. I work hard for the money, this I dont deserve We owe our souls to the Federal Reserve!

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25 Responses to "Two Trillion Tons (Obama Parody)"

  1. MultiGumbo says:
    Did Paul Shanklin write this song? If so, where do I get the information that he did write it?
  2. MrBigrobmjca3 says:
    Tennessee Ernie Ford did the original. Great parody.
  3. bestlists2 says:
    how about we get rid of some useless programs to cut spending… things that are abused, like… WELFARE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, THE BAILOUT SPENDING, umm…. how about the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in general…. screw the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, states will soon secede from this UNGODLY UNION… – Johnny Rebel
  4. tigers74mf44607 says:
    Wow I wish that people would actually learn something instead of just hating on Obama. Yes we need to cut spending where it isn’t necessary but the only way to raise revenue is to have the top wage earners in this country actually pay a fair amount of taxes. And we have cut the budget to the bone I wish that people would actually know something before they start screaming about spend spend spend
  5. lackluster6 says:
    i was gonna hate on this. but even though i dont agree with the views expressed i gotta admit. compared with the original with the lyrics in the song. i gotta admit not too bad
  6. PantheraAtrox says:
    Great artwork, did you draw this?
  7. Zedleplin1 says:
    I notice that the Obomunists first line of defense is to charge racism. Nothing new, it is all they have. Poor dumb sheep. They thought Obama was their messiah, instead all they got was a mess.
  8. Zedleplin1 says:
    I notice that the Obomunists first line of defense is to charge racism.
  9. mechamaster11 says:
    do you like youll presidents white
  10. elbarama says:
    And they just can’t spend enough, they keep on spending and how dare we say anything, we, the taxpayers are suppose to just bend over and take it and if we don’t they are calling us terrorist, racist and telling us to go to hell. How’s that work? You should make a parady with the song “just a swinging”, but make it “just a spending”
  11. bornbythesea says:
    @durbinpoison775 “The original Constitution gave to Congress no power over the subject of religion or of education. The Blair Amendment proposes for the first time to give Congress such power. Where is this encroachment upon the rights of the States to stop?” -The Chicago Law Times By John Marshall
  12. durbinpoison775 says:
    Obama has more troops in the field than Bush ever did. Over 1000 bases worldwide, no wonder our beautiful country is bankrupt….
  13. walmartgoof says:
    Obummer is a socialist scumbag
  14. MegaHatLady says:
    YOUR non prez is responsible for this damned mess you stupid ass.
  15. Ocala92RTTT says:
    @YourselfBehappy Really i dont think Bush had a downgraded credit ! Stop blaming Bush for Obama s lack of leadership and policies its getting old !
  16. mustang607 says:
    Obama will be known in history as the first U.S. downgrade president.
  17. mrfordfan says:
    @1xXplanbXx1 There isnt even 100 Billion people on the earth. May I inquire what you are smoking
  18. dustylunde says:
    @YourselfBehappy I like how you are an idiot!
  19. thatonemuslim says:
    I hate obama and love this song. We need to get that liberal bastard out of office before we have the 2nd Great Depression
  20. YourselfBehappy says:
    I like how America blame Obama for everything bad that Bush left them, lol.
  21. kabouski says:
    Just not funny from the pic to the song!!! Badly played sir Bump.
  22. YesWeCantaloupe says:
    I remember when Ron Paul was being laughed at for talking about this stuff. Now we’re laughin’ at Obama.
  23. ironlink641 says:
    So true Obama is a complete idiot!!!
  24. bebenic says:
    @mrn27, you should learn the difference between parody and racism.
  25. bebenic says:
    why would i be afraid of bimbos?

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