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UCLA News|Week: Treating illness with compassion

Dr. David T. Feinberg on UCLA Health System’s approach to patient care. Plus: Species extinction data still alarming, and faculty expert James L. Gelvin weighs in on Obama’s speech on Mideast. More:


  1. Obama, Pelosi & Reid spouted the country would save in medical costs? Pubs tried to tell them. The people of the country tried to tell them. The CBO ( which they claim...

  2. Saving a home from foreclosure due to illness? I have a question about saving a home from foreclosure. My divorced mother recently had a heart attack and has...

  3. GGN- News Bulletin :: August 29, 2011 Part 1/3 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Please visit: for the latest news commentary by Global Government News. Please donate to GGN

  4. Which crisis do you feel requires more immediate action: health care or social security? A guy I saw on CSpan the other day said that health care was a much more disastrous impending crisis...

  5. The UK Insolvency Helpline Launches News Blog for Managing Debt and Personal Finances Debt Advice Blog Launched by UK Insolvency Helpline   National Money Advice Counsellor, Akim Ali, today launched in Central...

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2 Responses to "UCLA News|Week: Treating illness with compassion"

  1. jhamien920 says:
    Bruins are really compassionate in the service of people.
  2. madleo777 says:
    If you CONNECT with your patients… where they feel TRULY CARED FOR… the outcome the outcome is better..

    Hmmm… what a fucking brainstorm! You’d think this was the very first they think about instead of giving drugs and squashing patients into 15 minutes of SUPPOSED “healthcare.

    this guy is a millioniare idiot jumping on a bandwagon that has been around for a few decades perhaps. Hope you sell your share of the book you douche…

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