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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Unemployment Funds Running DRY! Missing Explosives in CANADA?

Unemployment Funds Running DRY! Missing Explosives in CANADA?

Walmart to Cut 11200 Sams Club Jobs Unemployment rose in 43 states last month Two Dozen States Unemployment Funds in the Red, Nine More Within Six Months Russia diversifies into Canadian dollars California’s unemployment rate rises to 12.4% US says wind could power 20 percent of eastern grid Air America declaring bankruptcy RCMP hasn’t closed book on missing chemical DEMCAD Radio Mondays at 6 PM ET Call in: (347) 324-3704


  1. LAO Report: “California’s Other Budget Deficit: The Unemployment Insurance Fund Insolvency” LAO Social Services Director Todd Bland discusses the report “California’s Other Budget Deficit: The Unemployment Insurance Fund Insolvency.” ...

  2. COLORADO UNEMPLOYMENT TRUST FUND IS OUT OF MONEY 5-21-2010 This is what happens when bankrupt state’s have to borrow until infinity to keep it’s citizens from rioting.

  3. California’s Unemployment Insurance Program: Gaining Insight Through Interstate Comparisons In this webcast, Deputy Legislative Analyst Todd Bland and Policy Analyst Brian Uhler discuss the LAO report “California’s Unemployment...

  4. ever wonder why Canada’s foreclosure rate is less than .5%? will the US ever learn? Our neighbors to the north are just about the only developed nation that did not have a housing and credit...

  5. Unemployment and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy With a record number of people facing unemployment, cash may be tight and the bills may be mounting. But...

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25 Responses to "Unemployment Funds Running DRY! Missing Explosives in CANADA?"

  1. ilovepink953 says:
    Saner heads must prevail today if we are to survive 45 yrs destruction of the U.S. economy. Since 1966, American Economist Lyndon LaRouche has been fighting for a return to American methods of political economy. Unfortunately the Austrian school of economic liberalism has filtered down and corrupted the thought processes of many. It too was a product of Britain. Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and Moral Sentiments were used to persuade many to embrace British Liberalism aka FREE TRADE!!
  2. actonbath says:
    I love it ! California collapse !

    I just moved my business to Nevada from Ca last year expecting more Demorat BS with Jerry Brown and Boxer and the rest of the idiots with over taxation and regulation. I used to deal with 7 SEVEN gov. oversight agencies in CA…now…1 ONE ! in Nevada. I’m now in a complex with 9 other businesses….guess what…they are ALL from Ca !

    I can’t wait till CA raises taxes and eviro laws on my Ca. Competitors ! It’s gonna be like Christmas with Dems in office

  3. tikoutike says:
    I am currently in Houston, Texas. From what I saw, it seems to be a little slow.
  4. StringdMigration says:
    renewables WILL be cost efficient once they are manufactured in enough quantity. Already wind farms are sprouting up all over Europe…
  5. wwood14 says:
    Neither solar or wind are cost efficient..
  6. RastafariPoet says:
    I’m having people sign petitions to fund youth jobs and opportunity.
  7. kemar911 says:
    i’m a victim of unemployment
    i’ve worked for Canadian tire for 2 yrs
    and now i’m layed off

    the bad part is when your layed off, the ones in charge of your buisness don’t explain why you are layed off

  8. phnixlady says:
    DEMCAD, we tried all this alternative energy in the 70s and 80s ! We also had 50-55 mile-per-hour vehicles ! This is enough to show the whole, whole thing is phony. Economy, industry, energy, all controlled. Blessings 2 U.
  9. phnixlady says:
    @TeslaDRay I think many are corporate-sponsored and get a cut of the money, perhaps all work for the same groups? Have you ever heard any truth about them? IDK. It is beyond dumb, I truly can’t believe the view counts are true ! Wouldn’t people get sick of this stuff after 1 minute of watching?
  10. mtb416 says:
    Hey man. Love that external pack you got in the background. You’re quite rational, were you military?
  11. MrWobbleHead says:
    cpvering homes on the coast. Lots that are supposed to be huge neighborhoods have sat empty for years now, and 3 years ago they built a neighborhood in a year or less. Lots of ppl are on unemplyment here and they keep getting MORE money, and loving Obama, yet the system is BROKE and Obama wants to give them more money than make jobs! I am lucky enough to have a job, and I hate it my tax dollars go to someone sitting on their ass not even looking for a job anymore. This country is fucked.
  12. MrWobbleHead says:
    I am from NC, and I tell you, it is awful here economy wise. A lot of schools are being lost, a lot of labor jobs are non-existent right now, not even McDonald’s will hire anyone. There is an Education Lottery here that has made 2 Billion in the past 5 years we have had it in NC, and no money from that tricked to schools. The Liberals here are destroying this state, and this country. People can’t even live on the coast now because NC refuses to stop erosion and insurance comps have dropped…
  13. BruceH59 says:
    Have you notice there is less people saying this well never happen in America?

    You know why? They lost their job and their homes.

  14. hmorganman says:
    Bob Chapman was right on the banks having to report TARP repayment plans. Next, he reports that the Fed is going to take $1.4 trillion out of the economy by June 2010. In other words, some form of security is headed for a planned major plunge. That means the Fed is going to step in once again and give a huge bailout to the bankers. They are going to take all those worthless mortgage backed securities off the books of all those here today gone later today mortgage originators.
  15. MAXBLAYLOCK says:
    people who complain about the appearance of wind generators are spoiled whiners. Get over it. We need cheap renewable energy. And we should be building the generators here in the United States, not buying them from China.
    BTW If you’re working, don’t forget to donate to homeless shelters in your area. There are alot of good people who need help.
  16. monoxygen2012 says:
    free energy is out there but greedy oil companys will not let people know tesla coil youshould check it out . i would rather use wind power instead of making these big companies more money have you ever heard of geothermal energy? its time to shift our way of doing things
  17. slowrollRod says:
    hows the “hope and change” workin’ out for you? why dont you ask obama for some money!
  18. TeslaDRay says:

    Re: dumbing down with youtube –

    although I love youtube for the nastalgia it posts(old vids, etc etc) you are right about the main page videos. what the fuck?

  19. BnutzBeNutz says:
    @Urbansurvivalist357 good to hear about the mossberg, that will feed you, clothe you, and keep you and your family safe. I think we will be excercizing our second amedment very very soon. I really think this video has a lot of very good people commenting on it, it seems that everyone here is fed up. videos like these should be on the main page, none of the mindless featured videos, these are the important things, enough of the dumbing down youtube.
  20. BnutzBeNutz says:
    I think its because there are so many things going on right now with people losing jobs, and the economy still being in the crapper everyone knows its still a problem, but I think people are becoming overwhelmed. and yes the price of fuel still sucks
  21. BnutzBeNutz says:
    yea the forcefed entertainment will only keep peoples minds off being hungry or having food in the fridge and barely getting by for so long. even people with good educations are having a hard time. I hope people can start growing their own food, even just a few chickens for the eggs if not to butcher the chicken itself. and screw zoning laws, if you need to get a few chickens or even a freakin goat do it. and especially a garden. I think we all need to get back to basics, at least it will help
  22. BnutzBeNutz says:
    people would be shocked to know how exposed we still are. Im in bakersfield ca, I wont say where this place is, but I have been thinking about making a video to show people how easy it would be to break into the shed. not that I would really do it, but show everyone how easy it is to enter this place, no cameras nothing. ive been there at night just walking around like nothing. if I was looking to harm anyone, it would be simple to load a truck up and nobody would know!! its scary man
  23. BnutzBeNutz says:
    Hey reginald, yea my friend, we are up shit creek without a paddle. and as for the missing explosives, hopefully they are put to good use and no innocent people are harmed. whats scary is that I know of a place in the outskirts of my town that has a explosives shed that is only protected by a masterlock, no guards nothing. its actually for a oilfield company to perforate oilwells, they use the tnt for “perforating guns” and its out in the middle of nowhere.
  24. ColonStrecher says:
    Hey reginald, yea my friend, we are up shit creek without a paddle. and as for the missing explosives, hopefully they are put to good use and no innocent people are harmed. whats scary is that I know of a place in the outskirts of my town that has a explosives shed that is only protected by a masterlock, no guards nothing. its actually for a oilfield company to perforate oilwells, they use the tnt for “perforating guns” and its out in the middle of nowhere.
  25. sammyRN1 says:
    I agree, it will just further devalue the dollar due to inflation.  The scary part is hyperinflation. For example, Zimbabwe went through one recently.

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