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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » United States Reserves and Debt indicate Deceit ,Treason and National Bankruptcy

United States Reserves and Debt indicate Deceit ,Treason and National Bankruptcy

Clearly The United States is a Captured State being used for the purposes of Global conquest against the interests of Americans.


  1. Can the United States Government avoid full bankruptcy, and what is the solution? “Is the United States Bankrupt?” by Laurence J. Kotlikoff’will%20the%20united%20states%20go%20bankrupt’ is a recent article published in the Federal Reserve Bank...

  2. The TRUTH About the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BANKRUPTCY! and National Emergencies! Pt 1 ...

  3. Is the United States on the verge of bankruptcy? If greed were considered the deadly sin that it is by society… their may be a solution to this mess...

  4. Would $10 gas topple the United States into insolvency? Currently we are squirming at close to $4 a gallon. Truckers are striking already and gas prices just seem to...

  5. Aseer the Duke of Tiers: Insolvency of the United States Corporation and Civil Rights Sorry about the music being a little loud, BUT!!! listen closely..Peace! Full Show: ...

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20 Responses to "United States Reserves and Debt indicate Deceit ,Treason and National Bankruptcy"

  1. PatHenry4RonPaul says:
    EXCELLENT work showing the American people what they don’t want to know!!!
    Only Ron Paul is talking about this and here is the proof! Thanks! PH
  2. jonah70757 says:
    @ITDUBB5 I is worse than 2008 in many ways…I was referring to another market collapse.
  3. seanlaca says:
    I see a world war with China brewing. What’s happening in the middle east is definitely leading in that direction. Now the west is flirting with a war with Syria on top of Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen. It’s insane. Things are gonna get ugly.
  4. EnergySupply2008 says:
    @jonah70757 A correction to the first two minutes. Borrowing 1.6 trillion is 11.35 times as much as the 141 billion reserve, so a family with 100 bucks in the bank borrowing 1200 a month is incorrect. It would be 1135 per year, not per month. Picture said family borrowing 1135 per year to buy a 1135 clunker car that wears out completely once per year. Same principle, except maybe said family pays off the 1135 each year, something the US government can never do at 1.6 trillion per year.
  5. usexoticsltd says:
    @qerdus Oh I see, sorry… I thought that was a decimal point, and not a comma. I should have watched in a higher resolution.
  6. dixiegirl999 says:
    Jonah, you know as well as I due, that it will only get worse. Our government is as evil & corrupt as the rest. They are intentionally attacking the majority of countries due to being bankrupt & more power. More prophesies are happening daily which explains that our country will crash. People need to prepare because we havn’t seen the worst yet. God bless.
  7. TheBlakestersXooma says:
    Wow great information thanks for the report. Getting the word out now.
    Thank you Jonah for the video. The US is in a dire position!
  9. cultofedward says:
    Its the old school Royalty and The Pope of course
  10. qerdus says:
    @usexoticsltd It is 140,889 thousand millions, which means 140 billion.
  11. ITDUBB5 says:
    U could be looking at something worse than the 1930′s its already worse than 2008.
  12. slobomotion says:
    @jonah70757 I’ve been quietly talking to my French contacts here in Europe about stuff like this. I’ve advised them to check alternative media such as YouTube then verify things for themselves. It’s quite horrific. Very shocking video, uprated, favorited and shared with much sadness and horror — not sure how else to put it. Thank you for this. I’ve seen signs that France actually went broke last year but I’m still researching that.
  13. slobomotion says:
    Three branches of the U.S. military went on short pay in March of this year. According to my analyses, unemployment is at 40% in the USA and the US was broke in April, 2011.
  14. slhines7 says:
    They don’t have any gold, only gold certificates. In addition, the US military is in over 155 countries, not 117.
  15. PAMVAUGHN says:
    great video I am glad you can explain these things because the numbers really boggle my mind
  16. slade420 says:
    as a Canadian, i want to get away from the british empire ASAP
  17. jonah70757 says:
    @usexoticsltd I assure you its Billions not millions. There are 261 million ounces of gold valued at $42.22 which ats up to 11 Billion.
  18. usexoticsltd says:
    Great vid Michael… but according to the page you’re displaying, it’s 141 million reserves, rather than 141 billion… MUCH worse.
  19. willey611 says:
    Trying to put a little light on your video,I remember great britian buying about 500 billion of our treasuries the last part of 2009. This probably was the pay back of those funds. I thought at that time the money was created by great britian,as it really was a impossibilty for them to come up with that amount.
  20. MrCuckoobox says:
    Thanks Michael

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