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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! What is the best source for a quick cash loan to refinance an overdrawn account?

12 Responses to "URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! What is the best source for a quick cash loan to refinance an overdrawn account?"

  1. buzyb says:
    I do not think the bank would give you a loan. If you cant get a pay day loan because you dont work I would suggest having them close the account and pay it when you can. It might put a mark on your credit for a short time, but you dont work so what do you aspect?
  2. Marvinator says:
    Title loan on your car. They are everywhere, check the Yellow Pages.
  3. AnArdRi says:
    The problem is that one can’t borrow one’s way out of debt.
  4. Mercedes Benz says:
    the best source is to ask sombody that will trust you
  5. r&s mom says:
    200.00 – do you have a family member or friend you can borrow from. You have got to get your finances together so this doesn’t happen again. You need to get yourself on a budget. Have you heard of Dave Ramsey – go to his web-site. He offers free budget forms
  6. April K says:
    Call the bank and talk to a customer service representative and explain your situation to them, they might understand and hold off closing your account or they might extend you a little more time if you know when you are getting your student loan.

    DO NOT get a payday loan or a quick loan to take care of this. You will end up spending more money than you want to to begin with. Talk to your bank and see if you can’t come to some sort of agreement.

  7. Brooklyn Doger says:
    get a job!!!!!?
  8. antho_coro says:
    a loan shark wont turn you down my boy! but he will have your legs broken if you dont pay him in two weeks,at 100% interest! just go look for sunny or fingers or Sammy or..well you get the picture…
  9. fastfrank7 says:
  10. Erin says:
    VERY BAD IDEA to go to the same bank. Anywhere you go to get a loan they will check your credit and say no. I don’t know much about student loans, but that doesn’t really sound good either. Your best bet is probably a very good friend or a family member, unless you don’t want any embarrassment or burnt bridges. You may need to pawn a few items.

    It sounds bad but when they check your credit they will not give you any money.

    You might also try those cash till payday places, but usually those are a bad idea too, since you will still owe the money, plus interest.

  11. Quixotic says:
    Banks won’t give you a loan for $200 (at least not in the US. Grameen bank does it in Bangladesh). Too much paperwork for too little profit. I had a boss who was literally a millionaire, and he couldn’t get a $2000 loan for Christmas (in 1993). He took an advance on a credit card.
  12. kenshaw jeanne says:
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