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URGENT: Save Bronx Masjid From Foreclosure!

Do your part! Even if it’s giving $10! We can save this Masjid together insha’Allah! www.BronxMuslimCenter.Org Reupload


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25 Responses to "URGENT: Save Bronx Masjid From Foreclosure!"

  1. msiddiqui135 says:
    How can a masjid close?
    It cannot be closed due to lack of money….It can only close due to lack of worshippers
  2. safwan19 says:
    go to the website on the description of this video and find out what hapend ?
  3. madina55 says:
    What happened finally? Did they win? I hope yes!
  4. livinghalal says:
    assalam alaikum,

    Who performed the Nasheed? MashaAllah, nice voice.

  5. cmelbouzaidi says:
    Jazak Allahu Khair ukhti for the video on the plight of this masjid. They are still in need of donations today so please sisters and brothers, do what you can for the sake of ALLAH swt, Wassalamu alaikoumm wa rahmutallahi wa barakatuhu
  6. supermankhan says:
    Insh’Allah the Bronx Masjid will stand for generations to come for all brothers and sisters in the area. A place to bow to the Lord of all worlds. You are in our prayers. Even though I am in Canada – everyone supports you. May the Bronx Masjid shine for ever and help those to find the straight path. Ameen. Insh’Allah. Wa Salaam.
  7. supermankhan says:
    ps. may I know the nasheed for this clip. Very inspiring and touching.
  8. yazainabkubra575 says:
    very nice channel
  9. autumnyaar says:
    This is random but, is this a mens only masjid? :
  10. justmissmarla says:
    Assalamu alaikum

    Count me in, insh’Allah.

    May Allah open the heart of caring Muslims from all over the world to contribute to this cause and others like it. Ameen.

    May Allah bless this masjid and the people that visit it. Ameen.


  11. WorldCapitalBeats says:
    May Allah SWT keep this masjid going if He wills it, Ameen
  12. srkanusa says:
    Whats the name of the song is playin ..or nashhed..
  13. Ebadah says:

    You can donate online or send a money order or check. If you really want I can give you account number to transfer donation.

    JazkaAllah Khair for wanting to help.

  14. Icywar says:
    subhanallah i got this gruop invitation on Facebook also! may allah put more barakah and help anyone financially to keep this masjid running!
  15. JihadOfTheSoul says:
    by Allaah also I am not financially able but by He Who revealed the Qur’aan my heart longs for its success
  16. StrainSop says:
    I amnot able to financially support this masjid but I ask those who can not donate to offer dua for the preservation of this masjid. I belong to a similar size masjid here in Des Moines and we are having our own issued with paying bills. may Allah aid us in perservng our masajid!! amin  :-)
  17. r3bel7070 says:
    InshaAllah, Allah will save it from foreclosure, InshaAllah
  18. Soelly says:
    May ALLAH accept and forgive u inscha ALLAH agi, i will make dua 4 u. This is a verry good dua, the prophet salalahoe 3alayhi wa selaam Said about this dua, even if the person would have deserted the islamic army (and let their brother alone to fight) he would still be forgiven if he says it 3 times:

    Asstaghfieroelah el 3adiem,
    Eledie La ilaha ilahoe Al 7ayoel Qayoem
    Wa ataboe ilayk.

    3 times remember. Assalaam oe alaikoem may ALLAH ta3ala bless u and give u firdaus.

  19. 786Mujy says:
    I done so many bad things in my life but hope allah forgives me, i have Donate brother, love from your brother


  20. thec0o0lest says:
    is there any way to send money threw webmoney or western union?
  21. shaykha says:
    I added a link to download the video Ebadah. Wa iyyaki, love you!
  22. hijabie1rocker says:
    Elhamduiliah I’ve done my part..
    as a young muslim… i know for a fact i nedthe mosque to keep me ging on th rite path..
    and INSHALLAH this week imma print that web page out and pass the papers out to the islamic center i go to on Saturdays…
    ” As A Umamah We All Need To Help Our Muslims ”
    and Jazick Allah For This Video <3
  23. rock0236 says:
    keepvid . c o m,go to this website and copy and paste the URL or the link on the dialog box and click download….hope this helps!!!!
  24. Lebanese28 says:
    Please post this as a preview so others can see it and contribute, dont let the message end at your door


  25. Lebanese28 says:
    Please donate

    On the day of judgment we will be asked of what weve done of good to Islam

    Donate a tiny amount of your worldly money so we may save Bronx Masjid From Foreclosure

    Allah, the Exalted said,
    “And whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s cause), He will replace it” (34:39)

    May Allah reward you for your Kindest Donation and may this money that you spend on good Help you purchase an Eternal House in Paradise, ameen.

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