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US bankruptcy, fiscal ‘child abuse’ and six-decade Ponzi scheme

US unemployment is on the rise again – it has reached nine point six per cent, the first increase in four months. Some economists are arguing that the Obama administration needs to introduce another stimulus programme to create new jobs. But Larry Kotlikoff, professor of economics at the Boston University, believes the US needs to start cutting spending immediately – or face bankruptcy…


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25 Responses to "US bankruptcy, fiscal ‘child abuse’ and six-decade Ponzi scheme"

  1. VideoGameHints says:
    Might have been a bold statement a year ago.. but look where we are today. US downgrade. #winning?
  2. ChrisXKelly says:
    Zombie Regan 2012
  3. Anarchizer says:
    If your country has got problems only the enemy will tell you the truth so watch Russia Today you american dummies!
  4. cheesymogul says:
    Finally these “economists” are realizing the disastrous situation of our economical system, but they are still unable to see through their OWN ruinous Ponzi scheme?!?

    He even babbles about the Fed printing more money… LOL! Like this was really the place where money is being created…
    Future generations will look at today’s “economists” in the same way as we look at flat-earthers!

  5. Tobbena says:
    Remember USA is to big to fail yet . China won kick your legs from under you before they can substain their own economy . They probably view USA as leeches of the wealth they should be having
  6. TheLifeImprovement says:
    This video is pretty interesting, does that make me a nerd? We might be able to work together. I help people who have file bankruptcies get a cash settlement
  7. menuvwar says:
    @crackerwv Another method to fix it is for everyone to abandon their vehicles, houses and material assets. You are relentlessly taxed (punished) for the thought of owning anything. Until YOU beome the supreme OWNER (Allodial Title) of your property, vehicle, etc….you are given a colored paper (Title) granting you permission, but the real ownership belongs to the Queen. Tyranny.
  8. CommonSensePeter says:
    @debris54 I don’t care about Watergate but power he gave the FDA to subvert the constitution to regulate drugs is criminal and everyone in the FDA should be in prison. I believe Nixon was a president that wanted to destroy our country and the rights of the American People. He did everything the communist wanted him to do. Why are CEO’s of corporations allowed to run our government. I really don’t understand how these people can shit on the country that gave them the opportunity for success.
  9. CommonSensePeter says:
    @crackerwv I’ve been saying for the last 20 years. I use to say if we could get every worker to take 2 weeks off work congress would panic and listen to the people. The problem is we in the US are the hardest working people in the world, that is a fact and were use to working around the clock, people just can’t stop working because it’s a sign of the lazy bum (Christian work ethic). I an atheist that can barley walk at times and it embarrasses me to be in so much pain that it’s hard to work.
  10. crackerwv says:
    @CommonSensePeter There’s a real easy way to fix that problem but people don’t have the balls to do it. EVERYONE just simply stop paying taxes. Just stop. They can’t go after every person in industrialized nations. The biggest problem with people is they are so intimidated by the elite. Just in the U.S. we have 330,000,000 citizens and, at most 100,000 in power. WE’RE the ones scared? I’d really like to know the mentality behind that. I don’t understand people’s backward ass way of thinking.
  11. CommonSensePeter says:
    @crackerwv You are right but I will say that the Fed which is owned by the Queen of England does have value, that value is the people who use it. We have no other medium to pay our taxes with. The value of money is life and if we try to use any other medium they will make life a living hell. When we hear Judges say that the US Constitution is not allowed in their court room, the conclusion we are not free and the Queen is the highest power.I am sorry, spreading truth is depressing.
  12. debris54 says:
    @CommonSensePeter while it certainly is a very close race, I think as Nixon is the worst and most criminal of all presidents… i have proposed a new national holiday… Piss on Nixon’s Grave Day…. let’s make a FB site for it!
  13. DimeBag17711 says:
    @welcomegohome INVEST IN WEED!
  14. DimeBag17711 says:
    Great reporting.
  15. aiyanna6raina says:
    Hey, listen to this stooge, he knows what he’s talking about. It gets expensive flying airplanes into buildings and stealing our Army. No retirement for you buster. Yeah, right. Blow me.
  16. KKKSuperFan says:
    Cheaper Transportation and Reduced Taxes would boost The Economy but greedy fuckers don’t wanna hear any of it…
  17. Donninator1 says:

    stay away from gold, and invest in SILVER!

    make you rich!

  18. Hendo1974 says:
    @welcomegohome Yes, Gold and Silver, the physical, NOT ETF’s, See: TheBobChapmanChannel and MaxKeiserTV Channel!
  19. Hendo1974 says:
    Thanks to the Fed Reserve=NWO Banksters and paid off political prostitutes at capitol hill=politicians that sold out the American People leading to this planned global collapse to bring Global Government=Communism on Steriods=Enslavement!
  20. CommonSensePeter says:
    The government keeps cutting back on new power plants,regulating energy production and taxing more for energy. The economy is directly tied to abundant cheap energy so for some reason they want to shrink our economy and that will lead to the collapse of our system. The incumbents need to be replaced, Lobby’s need to be outlawed and anyone who profits from their position in government need to be arrested and jailed.
  21. CommonSensePeter says:
    Nixon took us off gold standard, this gave the congress the ability to borrow and print as much as they wanted. Government grew with no end in sight, then in 1980 system on verge of crash, Regan came in deregulated markets so brokerages could act like banks and the banks also got deregulated. These moves saved the system until about 1996, the dot com boom plus more deregulation got us here today. There are no more band aids, our Military, black projects and congress is what bankrupt us.
  22. welcomegohome says:
  23. lgvereor says:
    @pretorious700 Those statistics are PUBLIC statistics from the other countries, nice try though.
  24. Eimuxxx says:
    America is already been sold , and no REFUND
  25. CurtHowland says:
    @SilencerRPMs Thanks for the chuckle.
    Nothing that Ron Paul hasn’t been saying since he first ran for Congress in 1972.,

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