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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » US Banks post profit and Foreclosure JUMP 14%.

US Banks post profit and Foreclosure JUMP 14%.

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25 Responses to "US Banks post profit and Foreclosure JUMP 14%."

  1. darkangelextra says:
  2. oldhank2003 says:
    ALL banks are merely branches of a central bank. There is no such thing as a free AND a democratic society. If everyone had equal rights in a democratic society; 1% of the world’s population would not own 99% of the world. Everybody is being controlled by the world bank, UN, world health organization & international monetary fund etc. and so on. $=Evil
  3. moniequa says:
    @pretorious700, I’m sorry, but no one can save us from our own stupidity. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
  4. pretorious700 says:
    Your empathy is overwhelming. No wonder the US is such a philosophical cesspool.
  5. moniequa says:
    No they’re not being punished for their irresponsibility. Unemployment goes up but so does the length of unemployment benefit. Main street is not getting pummeled they get to walk away from their bad choice. Although we’re anticipating another round of real estate crisis, people are still buying and offering ridiculous price. What is so god damn important about owning a pile sticks. Why do they have to buy it now? Stupid people deserve to be broke and laden by debt.
  6. pretorious700 says:
    Uh, they’re not being punished? Are you watching unemployment figures, homeless estimations, foreclosure numbers, bankruptcies? Main street is getting pummeled, and Wall Street is making record profits.

    The middle class (if there even is such a thing now) always gets the shitty end of the stick. The rich get richer, the poor get welfare.

  7. moniequa says:
    @jtravis282, I agree with you, the housing market mess would’ve happened without the mainstreet’s help. They lied on their application to get giant loans and bought homes they couldn’t afford. Now we pay for their greed and stupidity. I definitely think its not fair that they’re not being punished for their bad choice and criminal act (lying on their applications).
  8. jtravis282 says:
    Mainstreet is just as responsible as Wall Street if not more so for this mess. Of course no politician is going to admit this, mainstreet votes. But let’s face it, no one held a gun to all these people to take out stated loans, put down virtually no money and go with ARMs instead of fixed. People have to take responsibility for buying homes they couldn’t afford. Most of us played by the rules and took out reasonable mortgages, and now we have to pay for the irresponsible.
  9. onceigoblack says:
    none of u have anything to offer, lol. if i like something on my own and u offer it to me, i just shove it up ur assholes. banishment from hating u mother fuckers. nigwop went splat on the pavement!! dienw!!
  10. MrTrueGrit82 says:
    I don’t make it a habit to reply to people but are you just trolling or are you being serious?
    plenty of jobs huh? so that’s why we’re sitting at more than 10% unemployment (that’s not even counting the people that stop looking for jobs altogether). Then again you’re probably the same breed of person that claimed that we weren’t in a recession a couple years back. Being willfully blind doesn’t mean it’s not happening it just means you’re a gullible idiot.
  11. clubadv says:
    @cazyblood3 you must be the stupidest person on Youtube. Fortunately for you, there are many people in the world without a computer, so you may have 1 or 2 people in worse shape.
  12. MikeG11986 says:
    @cazyblood3 You are clearly an idiot, and probably don’t even live in America.
  13. cazyblood3 says:
    visionvictory if want change in america get off your ass and do something about it
  14. cazyblood3 says:
    this guy not know shit just trying get high rateing america is fine
  15. jboyko3 says:
    Would you like fries with that?
  16. Teyec00n says:
    We would have been better off if the gov’t simply manipulated/modified the numbers of the actual major indexes instead of doing it by propping up zombie institutions with unlimited taxpayer giveaway funds. I mean if perception is the only thing your changing with audacious intervention and manipulation than why not do it the cheapest way possible by “owning” the stock market instead of all it’s failed companies? This way, Wall Street can never crash with a gov’t “guaranteed” Ponzi scheme.
  17. huskerbird1 says:
    heard on the news today that they are getting the money at zero and they are loaning at three percent, thats a profit if the folks they are loaning to dont go belly up
  18. BerryBorat says:
    I like your vids man, good honest news i can’t get from the mainstream media
  19. cazyblood3 says:
    there lots of jobs dumass
  20. cazyblood3 says:
    you dont even know what you are talking
  21. mcap52 says:
    Millions of A.R.M.’s will be foreclosed on in the coming months,not hearing that from most of the talking heads.
  22. ChrisXCXCX says:
    I work retail this is whats happening, Were a goods economy, consumer economy, NO INDUSTRY, LESS AND LESS ARE SHOPPING IN THE STORES EACH MONTH! More jobs will be lost because less money is being made/circulated, so every job that deals with goods from the railroad to the store(most jobs) are in jeopardy of being laid off, etc. Total economic collapse is possible.
  23. junehas4kids says:
    I have not yet went christmas shopping….
  24. Fig1024 says:
    Jews are good with money just as black people are good at sports. Is that a bad thing? or do you want black people running the banks and Jewish people playing basketball?

    Good traits should be rewarded

  25. Tressco says:
    Self-made problem:

    Throughout the centuries they have been excluded from society, therefore unable to and banned from learning any real craftsmanship.
    Only thing left was the money lending business, which by the means of usury is forbidden in every religion.

    They got really good at it…

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