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US economy may take another hit; California faces bankruptcy questions.

Amid mounting concerns that the debt crisis in Greece could end up impacting the United States, some are saying bigger economic risks actually lie within the country. Californias Governor Schwarzenegger is facing mounting debt and has been forced into major budget cuts.


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25 Responses to "US economy may take another hit; California faces bankruptcy questions."

  1. lorainedecaro says:
    I like the video. Good job!
  2. missionarymayn says:
    Let’s not forget the size and sheer MAGNITUDE of the cost of government funded “education” (what a joke)

    1. Abolish government funded education.
    2. Buy only American products.
    3. Re-boot American factories
    4. Eliminate zoning laws = low-cost housing

  3. wanshei says:
    One thing they dont talk about in California is the size and sheer MAGNITUDE of the cost of the prison system. Thats like a sacred cow to not be touched. The Calif Dept of Corrections sucks up an annual 14.4 BILLION dollars to house 187,000 inmates. Do the math. Shit i could live pretty damn good on $78,000 a year. And they refuse to let non-violent drug offenders out of prison. Which makes up a whopping 20% of the prison population.
  4. jamessawy says:
  5. PeacefulByDesign says:
    @makeme708 When you say God are you referring to the Bilderberg group?
  6. MetalBassjunkie420 says:
    @yellowdotz California has been paying for dezens of other states? Where’s your evidence?
  7. MetalBassjunkie420 says:
    @MaryWaterton Why don’t you blame Bush for the economic collapse? It’s not that I like Obama, but it’s obvious that our current economic situation was the result of Bush’s 8 years of being president.
  8. yellowdotz says:
    @MaryWaterton For the past 20 years California has been paying for dozens of other states. Did you hear Californian’s bicker about it? NO! We’ve carried the burden of non producing states, and that has been the norm. When we’re in trouble are there any other states to help us? None. Did we ask for your help? No. California should just be an independent country.
  9. makeme708 says:
    @Damili1127 If the USA goes bankrupt, then so does the rest of the world.
  10. makeme708 says:
    @MaryWaterton Are you retarded, the antichrist is satan, learn to read your bible more carefully, also a truly saved man would never speak of the leader of their nation as you’ve just done in your comment, GOD put Obama in office, so when you speak badly about your leader, you speak badly about GOD because HE put the leaders in office for whatever purpose HE has for them.
  11. mexicano7771000 says:
    I know you can bail us out… Bill Gates fucken rich as mothafucka
  12. Drazhenko says:

    yea okay stop being a drama queen, even Brazil and Mexico have supermarkets with full shelves

  13. Drazhenko says:

    yea okay stop being a drama queen, even Brazil and Mexico have supermarkets

  14. poiuytrewq6641 says:
    SB 1070 is the best to prevent corruption, illegal working, illegal aliens, criminal, drug cartels, gangs, and many violation case in our economy environment…

    I support SB 1070 because the US has too many corruptions from illegal Aliens, illegal working and illegal business owners.

    They still hiring illegal workers for their own profits….

    The estimates of illegal workers or aliens in the US are 39 milions or could be a lot more that that….

  15. dmcd808 says:
    If America defaults China will start a dump of the dollar – all I can suggest at this stage is grow your own food because supermarket shelves will be empty.
  16. JKoulouris says:
    I do like most of what RT broadcasts, but on this one, let’s get some facts straight.
    Greece’s Debt problems were made possible by Goldman Sachs’ and the Wall Street Bankers’ AAA Rated Derivatives and Hedge Funds sold to Greece, which were worthless. At the same time Goldman Sachs was betting against their own clients such as Greece and others. The California Crisis has and never will have anything to do with Greece. Howewver, it does have everything to do with the Wall Street Casino Mobsters.
  17. cheemooo says:
    Me too it will be a great day in the history of the world!
  18. Rockguitarnow says:
    Pass an austerity package to turn the banks into utilities, like power companies. Allow the stockholders to earn between 3% and 7% p/year.

    For a serious recession, seize the assets of the 20 largest banks entirely, including the assets of their CEOs and high paid employees, leaving each with a maximum of between $1 million and $3 million.

    Example; Henry Paulson sold his stock in Goldman Sachs for $500 million. Under these austerity measures, he would only be allowed to keep $3 million.

  19. nanocalp says:
    do people actually think americas getting out of this? usa = argentina. and ALOT worse
  20. Damili1127 says:
    i hope whole usa to bankrupt
  21. sanjosestateboy says:
    i rthink econmy gona fucked more sumthng major going to happend
  22. helloimsonik says:
    @dagmoumi Yeah I just noticed the first reporter did that too, she looks good.
  23. dagmoumi says:
    @helloimsonik The damn Makeup :P 
  24. Germtrancsuperman says:
    Romantic Brothers – FLOWERS ! Great situation song for World!
  25. hesmydog says:
    she blinks alot cause she used to be a sex slave for the russian mafia and they like to slap the sht out of thier hoes

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