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US offers Kenya legal help to resolve cases

Things seem to be looking up for the Kenya anti corruption commission, at least on the Anglo leasing case, Kenya’s biggest tendering corruption scandal. The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to offering mutual legal assistance that Kenya may require, with deputy secretary of state James Steinberg also hinting at the possibility of extraditing drug barons to the united states for trial.


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13 Responses to "US offers Kenya legal help to resolve cases"

  1. airhab says:
    America, World Police.
  2. naidamu says:
    Let us clean Kenya, no personality spared or respected when it comes to drugs…we must leave a better Kenya for our children
    …stay the course PLO
    It is a new dawn, a new dispensation – I believe in my heart it will be well tomorrow
  3. odhiscroco says:
    @suensmith unfortunately they have all been sanitized very quietly and tactfully below media radar. The police report was released last week claiming that no prominent person was found to be connected to illicit drugs.
  4. karuitha says:
    lets get drugs off our streets but the US should concentrate on its house before it comes to start fighting drugs in Kenya. If Kenya is functioning country with systems in place, it can be able to arrest these drug barons and dispatching them to Manyani for life. US and Europeans pouring money into Kenya means nothing. What has billions of dollars of other initiatives ever accomplished????
  5. jasusi2 says:
    @madscientistify Am with you bro,”GOD bless the united states of america”.The US can pick anyone any where in the world or kill you.As long as they have enough evidence your activities threaten its citizens,you are as good as finished.
  6. sirjonduke says:
    lol, I agree @sijuinisemeje. Quite troubling that Kenyan criminals can be extradited to the States. With all the noise we are hearing about the ICC 6, I doubt that things will result in extraditions. I think its more likely that the US will loan us DEA agents/ technology to help bring these clowns to book.
    Each of the accused should be dragged to CID headquarters to specify their wealth and disclose how they got all that cash. If you cant bust them on anything else, I am sure hawakulipa tax.
  7. wesmonite says:
    @madscientistify thats very true.we trust PLO to fight corruption than this old fart kibaki whos busy appointing kikuyus to important positions to mainly frustrate the fight against corruption.
  8. suensmith says:
    Why are the drug barons still in parliament? Useless country!
  9. melionsden says:
    hang drug dealers or authorize special squad to liquidate the bastards
  10. madscientistify says:
    no wonder akina muthaura r busy puttin in puppet attorney generals
  11. halani says:
    Kaguoya has been preaching water and drinking Wambui with complete impunity. The same Wambui in the US Amb dossier. Unfortunately the same Amb was the first to congratulate kaguoya after the twilight inaugeration because he illegaly supplied arms to S Sudan ad renditioned with Michuki in the Bush era.
  12. madscientistify says:
  13. sijuinisemeje says:
    US is the world government and the rest are mini states under US jurisdiction,extradicting the accused for crimes committed in kenya????????????

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