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US /UK Economy- Unemployment ,Small Businesses Suffer

UK and US unemployment rises, jobs are being lost, insolvencies rise, people are losing houses and assets, small businesses struggle to keep afloat, high street shopping is declining, GDP still in decline. These are the classic signs of a deep recession which we are told that we are slowly emerging from- yet the negative figures tell a different story.


  1. UK small businesses fear insolvency over rate rise A business survey has revealed that 18 per cent of small businesses fear they will go insolvent if UK...

  2. Number of insolvent British businesses falling – ccording to Experian’s latest insolvency index, the number of business insolvencies across the country has fallen by...

  3. 2012- 2016 — The End of America — trillion dollar deficits Collapse the Economy by end of decade A Tsunami of debt is growing and will drown the United States by 2020. Unfunded entitlement promises will be...

  4. Insolvency Advice For Businesses Having a high debt level is not desirable for any business, although it does take place quite often. In order...

  5. what can an unpaid seller due to a businesses insolvency do? If a small business supplies goods to another small business, and the small business becomes insolvent before the goods are...

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