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USA Today Reviews Prepaid Legal Plans As An Investment Prepaid legal plans are becoming as common and popular in the United States as they already are in Europe. In this video from http we talk about a review of prepaid legal plans from prepaid legal services, Inc., and how they were featured in a USA Today article. This company provides services to over a million US households. Offering legal help and planning in not only common areas, but in much more significant ways as well, including help with Identity Theft. If you are looking for a prepaid legal plan, or are trying to decide whether a prepaid legal plan is the right option for you or not, take a look at


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25 Responses to "USA Today Reviews Prepaid Legal Plans As An Investment"

  1. 1gregnelson1 says:
    I worked as an associate and worked my butt off and was attacked in front of a shopping center while ill leaving the hospital, I called Attorney Parker Stanbury and he lied and did nothing. I am 100% certain, that PrePaid Legal is just an extra expense that is not necessary. They brag, about a few self-made millionaires but look at the 99% that never make one dime.I found SuperLawyer Rodney Messriani who has done everything as he said he would and has not taken one cent out of my pocket.
  2. ProLegalLeads says:
  3. derrickjenkins says:
    @rigoalanis This guy thinks he own a business by promoting and trying to protect prepaid leave em legal insurance aka scam azz legal company. He is a bi sex you all christian. Call him if you want him to steal your money with that bs plan or if you’re looking to molest or get molested. Call Rigoberto Alanis his phone numbers are 956-908-9007 and his home phone is 956-627-2540 and he lives at 1005 Sabinas Street Hildago TX, 78557.
  4. derrickjenkins says:
    @rigoalanis To all slinky dikks looking for some azz puzzy just call this christian queer for some sodom and ghamorra lovin. Call Rigoberto Alanis his phone numbers are 956-908-9007 and his home phone is 956-627-2540 and he lives at 1005 Sabinas Street Hildago TX, 78557.
  5. esya1987 says:
    This info is old man this prepaid company will not exist after july 31st 2011. I guess that company went under just like the downlines
  6. derrickjenkins says:
    @Nedasaurus PPL is full of ignorant rube slap-nut shitttz. My attorneygod website is killing them and crashing their bs stock market.
  7. derrickjenkins says:
    @TownsendTyrone Misery loves company my azz. That BS company is going down whether you like it or not. Hahahahahaaaa see you at the bottom. Ooops that company is already there. Almost 50yrs in the game and no one know about that crap because its weak and they choose not too.
  8. esya1987 says:
    Visit our attorneygod dott com site to see how to run a Pre Paid Legal business and glance over to page 2
  9. soberman72 says:
    I am in Canada and would love to help you out if your looking to join. Call me at (705) 329-4355 Ask for Rob
  10. derrickjenkins says:
    Check out my Confusion Opportunity Before you invest any money.
  11. bcast25 says:
    Quite difficult to market Pre-Paid Legal to people that make comments like “I don’t need to pay some attorney $26.00 a month. I never get into an accident, or trouble. People tend to forget what other things they are Pre-Paying for…. Auto Insurance, Medical Insurance etc why pay a huge sum in the time of need where stress is involved when you can already be covered?….it’s that simple. SWSWSWN!!!!!!
  12. tyronneratcliff says:
    I happened to be a prepaid legal member myself while also marketing the business side of it and have to say the business has treated my very well. With only three percent market penetration and a comp plan that is second to none compared to most other network marketing companies you would have to be a fool not join this business, but that is just my opinion
  13. Novapain says:
    that 25% discount is if I get a DUI, rob a bank, or sell dope and get busted.

    The stock keeps going up, The Services work, and I’m a member, and I’m an Independent Rep. You have more chances of being sued than winding up in the hospital. Nobody calls stock brokers a pyramid but they get a small percent of your earnings? Nobody call car dealerships a pyramid that the boss gets a cut of the sellers final sale. Take a business class and you’ll see this is one of those things you get what you give

  14. derrickjenkins says:



  15. derrickjenkins says:
    $100.00 FOR REFERRALS



  16. jackdaman80 says:
    PPL is Legit and helped me out so much legally and financially!!!!!!!
  17. revellisjones says:
    7yrs in the business…it’s great and that all I have to say.
  18. TownsendTyrone says:
    Why are we worried about someone who is not apart of the PPL family? To all of the associates in PPL , we have more positive results aka,money and a great service, so why give ignorance any ear? You got to remember,misery loves company!!!
  19. mssquirrely says:
    AMEN!!!!! Total “RIPOFF” Go on & pay your little $25 a month for 3yrs & then need legal help, They’re gonna treat you like sh*t, asking your for more $, etc.
    IT’S like many other BUSINESSes, made to profit not provide quality serv. for PPL
  20. sarducci says:
    OMG….Are you serious??
  21. Nedasaurus says:
    dude, why is people making this prepaid legal thing so hard? why the hell get an attorney and pay thousands of fuckin dollars when u can just pay 25 dollars a month, probably money that people easily throw away on a weekly basis and just get the fuckin 25% discount and shut the fuck up
  22. Danteqwed says:
    Nice Nice Video. I really loved your video. Youtube can be a great asset for you. If you need any help getting your video exposed, check out this site called tubeviews [dot net] It has really done wonders for me, I have built 3 Channels up with videos at top in position and this is my forth channel i’m going to working on.

    I was skepic about this service, but wow lol, not any more!

  23. TeamRoyalty2020 says:
    I think pre-paid is like all other businesses, it has it’s good and bad points and you better be ready to work your butt off and have all hell break loose once you start. Just like anything else read the fine print, make sure you undrstand what you’re getting into then go to work! I know people that make money with it and I know people that don’t. Check my site for some tips on how to build your prepaid business. teamroyalty2020. com
  24. Sage40 says:
    people who can either afford a lawyer or someone they know that can be lawyer. Can not understand how it fells to have to take off of work or sometime cant afford to spend the time its going to take to clear the case. yeh their are probly some bad in the deal but the good out weighs the bad. plus it give us a chose in who do we want to represent us. them or some random lawyer.
  25. 100kmentor says:
    hey great video..
    when you are looking to generate some serious cash..
    to fuel your business..
    give me a call on my blackberry…

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