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Vancouver’s real estate BUBBLE is full, the only thing driving it is hype and be ready cause when it burst the bang will be heard around the province. Online Gaming in BC had troubles and it is reported that organized crime is using casinos to launder drug money…so with all those hydroponic profits what do we need…more casinos.


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10 Responses to "Vancouver BC- BEST PLACE FOR BUSINESS (NOT)"

  1. joshmonarc says:
    vancouver is only good for burning money. Theres no meat under its glamorous shell. Canadian govt gotta learn from the Australian govt….. min wage there is $15/hr and way easier to get employed than here.
  2. joshmonarc says:
    VANCOUVER is a nice shell with nth solid underneath, a playground for the rich. If u don;t have a decent job stay the fuck away from this shithole
  3. Poler777 says:
    I know that you’re being sarcastic,….but some of your sarcastic ideas would actually work. Because of the casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada residents pay no state tax. If you taxed (already legal) prostitution (hotel escorts+massage) and (semi-legal) recreational drugs sales (weed,–NOT heroin), you would have almost NO deficit. All these things are done in Liberal Amsterdamn, and we all know how horrible the Dutch lifestyle is. (sarcasm) It’s time for Vancouver to PROFIT from her liberal ideals.
  4. 1dducks says:
    Vancouver… The New China
  5. honolulu274 says:
    all the buildings in the whole city looks the same.
  6. gadaffiable says:
    this city is fucked.
  7. bluehorse888 says:
    this is why I left. the average guy cant do biz in vancouver anymore. Only option is to get on the gvmt dole somehow. I worry for my home city. Relatives are saying the same thing…I see an exodus coming…
  8. bcasey25raptor says:
    vancouver isnt a very great city. its over hyped. i know a few people that live there and they all hate it. its over priced(livable my ass) and is full of crime. the city definitely looks nice though.
  9. JCVdude says:
    @anarchore I would love to know where the ‘fast ferries’ are now. Built at a cost of some 400 million and sold for 20 million…How could we loose. Still I would love to know if they turned a profit for their owners.
    I see our BC politics as a game of musical chair, NDP and Liberal dance around the Premier office, perhaps rather than musical chairs we could have a UFC Fight between the leaders. That would work federally also with Harper vs. Michael…
  10. anarchore says:
    Where are those empty condos at? My friends and I are always looking for abandoned buildings to salvage copper from. Aside from that, it gives me great satisfaction that the corrupt City of Vancouver is crashing and flailing after the Olympic debacle. I hope Gordon Campbell never gets any peace and will pay a price for what he did to the people of BC, along with Harcourt, Glenn Clarke, VanderZalm and every other scumbag I forgot.

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