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VOICE Demands Immelt, GE, Bank of America, JP Morgan Address Foreclosure Crisis

On April 10th 2011, 250 religious leaders and homeowners from VOICE (Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement) gathered in Manassas, Virginia to launch a campaign to hold key financial institutions accountable for the foreclosure crisis in northern Virginia. They are demanding bank executives streamline the mortgage modification system, fund non-profit housing counselors, and rebuild devastated communities (led by the worst lender in Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park – GE and Jeff Immelt).


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6 Responses to "VOICE Demands Immelt, GE, Bank of America, JP Morgan Address Foreclosure Crisis"

  1. TheKiwiemperor says:
    GE is also taking houses in Canada, the pain and suffering is in Canada too. Even if you do have the money to pay for the mortgage, GE doesn’t care, they take the houses and sell it at a low price probably to their buddies. Many houses across Canada have been foreclosed unfairly. The GE company causes a lot of suffering, they take peoples’ money “down payments/ fees” and then close on them after a few years, and then resell the property at a profit.

    Thank you for the video post!

  2. nutech18 says:
    The people have spoken, come election time the people voice will be heard …
  3. stinkypoon says:
    Modify your loan? How about you pay back what you borrowed? You don’t deserve a six-figure windfall for contributing to the housing bubble. You should consider yourselves lucky that you’re allowed to walk away. People with significant student loans can’t even do that.

    The selfishness of people, particularly ones who hide behind religion, is just staggering.

  4. charlesfrith says:
    Immelt is a total lizard.
  5. cuencano77 says:
    I applied for a loan modification while still had a job. Indymac denied my modification because I did not show financial hardship. Later, when I got laid off from my job I applied for a loan modification again. I showed Indymac financial hardship but they said sorry, we cannot do anything about it. What is their game? I didn’t ask them to let me live for free in the house. Now, I don’t have a house. They forced me to do a short sale.
  6. nicolajanebrowne says:
    Excellent video. Thought provoking. Good luck with the campaign.

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