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Vulcan Lyre 2011


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6 Responses to "Vulcan Lyre 2011"

  1. LokianEule says:
    Oh wow, if I had the money I’d buy this and some lessons in a heartbeat! Though I imagine it costs several hundreds if not a couple thousand, yes? It could be done…
  2. DoctorOrion1 says:
    @heironymousmortek It takes a lot of work and woodworking skill. :-)
  3. heironymousmortek says:
    Thanks for the info. What about the electronics components? How in the world do you work that out? The sound is amazingly beautiful.
  4. jasmineskydancer says:
    Perhaps you should give one of these beauties to Nimoy at the convention ;)
  5. DoctorOrion1 says:
    @heironymousmortek You can find plans on the internet but the plans are badly flawed. They suggest making a harp from individual pieces– it can be done that way, but it takes considerable accuracy and precision. It’s easier, and probably better to make a Vulcan harp out of a single board or panel. I’d choose walnut or teak if either wood wasn’t so expensive, but cherry is good. The hard thing is in making the cutting template. You need to know what you are going to do before you do it.
  6. heironymousmortek says:
    Stunning. I would LOVE to have one of these. I don’t suppose you provide blueprints/schematics and/or specs, do you?

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