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Wal-Mart – High Cost of Low Price part 1 of 10

Part 1 out of 10 of a film about how the largest supermarket chain in the USA are being paid and begged to open new stores in towns, while they are abusing the American people. Wal-mart have been begged and paid to establish new stores in towns all over America. As soon as the store opens, local shops are forced to declare bankruptcy since they cannot compete with Wal-Marts prices. Employees are victims for racism, and lack of proper health insurance through the job. Wal-Mart wants to put the responsibility on MediCare in order for them to save money. The company don’t care about the environment, and they care even less about the Chinese that make all lots of the goods you by for a cheap amount of money. They don’t care about you as a customer. Once you have paid for your grocieries, you are left on your own. Security on the parking lot? Forget about it. It costs too much. Again, this is not a film that I have created, I just want the message to get to the people! Please look at the credits at the end of the film!

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24 Responses to "Wal-Mart – High Cost of Low Price part 1 of 10"

  1. godanddevilareone says:
    The owners and top management of Walmart are money-sucking freaks.
  2. peridotangel83 says:
    To me, Walmart isn’t the best but it isn’ the worst. I shop there cause there are no other stores like it where I am. They do have some good deals. Hearing about its greed though makes me want to leave it, lol. But I try to shop all around.
  3. aquamarie1997 says:
    we watched the whole thing in economics class. it was a scary movie. i never shopped there and i never will, its a terrible place. if everyone saw this movie, hopefully no one would shop there anymore :(
  4. HeisW140 says:
    Interesting Video. Thanks for sharing.
  5. UonlyGet1 says:
    Small business owners can beat walmart. Buy things they dont stock. Take a look at NotBigBox dotcom. They only sell to small business and dont stock stuff walmart does.
    You will almost never beat walmart on price.
  6. schmoborama says:
    “If certain products from china are worse quality than if it were made somewhere else, then consumers obviously take that into account”
    If that were true then *no one* would buy cheap crap from china – yet it sells in droves. You expect *everybody* to read *every* package for where it’s made?? That does NOT happen. People who go there go there BECAUSE it’s cheap, not knowing that it will cost them more in the long run. That’s why I’m telling them.
  7. TheInterracialAddikt says:
  8. bagger101 says:
    @michaelsmimi15 goood job love it lololol
  9. bagger101 says:
    At are walmart in port alberni water is pissing up through all the floors ,cause they built it on top of swampland you know a wild life area!!!….Damp goods throughout the store ! dont buy electrical products from them
  10. KoreanDancingFool says:
    Im gonna lol on every video segment. LOL
  11. ashful9008 says:
    @michaelsmimi15 Lmfao! This just made my day!
  12. JeffJ1974 says:
    Excellent film, Wal-Mart used to be a good company many years ago but now they want to rule the world and what shocks me is conservatives shop there,how many people working thier are on welfare? SICK!
  13. chuck2205 says:
    The guys at 8:27 and 8:54 were Republicans. Now they can understand what the Democrats are talking about. It’s not about curtailing rights, just regulating to give everyone the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.
  14. xxdiogenescynicxx says:
    @bomberfun1 You will care when your food comes from China too. It is sad that the American public is so stupid they don’t even care that their country is being completely sold out.
  15. xxdiogenescynicxx says:
    People are stupid, why do they say it is socialism when employees are just asking to be treated like human beings not farm animals. I mean Jesus Christ Walmart was fucking taking out life insurance policies on their workers without their knowledge. It is amazing that no one would be calling it socialism if China or India demanded that the government give them better working conditions.
  16. officialvangcreative says:
    @gopconservative78 Oh absolutely – the free enterprise model is fine, but it doesn’t preclude socialism. I live in Denmark where we pay 39% tax in general of our income, some pay more, some pay less… this funds hospitals, schools, high schools, universities, etc, etc, etc… and we can still do everything you guys can do in terms of business. I don’t see why it is preferable to let people starve or die because they can’t afford food or medical assistance. That’s evil, not freedom. 
  17. gopconservative78 says:
    @officialvangcreative Free Markets are the way to go……if people go hungry, oh well there are winners and losers too bad
  18. officialvangcreative says:
    I wonder if the americans will ever see the wisdom in this saying:

    Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.

  19. officialvangcreative says:
    @gopconservative78 greed is good? how much is enough? if you have 800 billion dollars…. why do you need more? it makes no fucking sense to destroy communities and the environment and people – for money. no sense what-so-ever.

    but thats the american way, money money money, me, me, me… and you wonder why the world loathes you.

  20. officialvangcreative says:
    supermarkets.. meat and cd’s in the same shop… disgusting. they own the markets they overtake and control what the consumer gets to choose from… so disgusting.
  21. AssociateAdvocate79 says:
    Don’t blame the companies, blame the consumers.
  22. Smael64 says:


  23. Smael64 says:

    Meanwhile thousands of miles away….

  24. gopconservative78 says:
    @lullemans72 who the fuck cares…..greed is good and to bad you lost

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