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Wal-Mart – High Cost of Low Price part 2 of 10

Part 2 out of 10 of a film about how the largest supermarket chain in the USA are being paid and begged to open new stores in towns, while they are abusing the American people. Wal-mart have been begged and paid to establish new stores in towns all over America. As soon as the store opens, local shops are forced to declare bankruptcy since they cannot compete with Wal-Marts prices. Employees are victims for racism, and lack of proper health insurance through the job. Wal-Mart wants to put the responsibility on MediCare in order for them to save money. The company don’t care about the environment, and they care even less about the Chinese that make all lots of the goods you by for a cheap amount of money. They don’t care about you as a customer. Once you have paid for your grocieries, you are left on your own. Security on the parking lot? Forget about it. It costs too much. Again, this is not a film that I have created, I just want the message to get to the people! Please look at the credits at the end of the film!


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17 Responses to "Wal-Mart – High Cost of Low Price part 2 of 10"

  1. KripDrip says:
    only the stores in poor white trash parts of americas like the south and midwest get closed down if a walmart opens near by. Theres a Walmart near me and all the stores nearby are thriving.
  2. KoreanDancingFool says:
    Hahaha LOL
  3. gopconservative78 says:
    @broli1111 who gives a shit…..greed is good and people lose, oh well!
  4. ihateyoujerkoff says:
    he is a hunter, kills animals for sport, so i say, fuck him !
  5. MaddDogg81 says:
    man I feel lucky. I work part time but get full time type hours and company paid medical and dental benefits and even an X-mas Bonus
  6. gopconservative78 says:
    yea but Unions sue the Boy-Scouts, beat up Boy-Scouts….lazy piece of shit
  7. gopconservative78 says:
    unions ruined America……paying $90 an hour to wash dishes…..idiots
  8. broli1111 says:
    @Salvidrummer You obviously don’t know shit! Smaller businesses spend MORE money in thier communities, which HELPS their communities. Big businesses pool all of their money to one central location, which ONLY helps that one place.

    Small businesses DON’T destory other businesses, ONLY big businesses do. Which means ONLY small businesses can create and secure jobs!

    Besides, ONLY big businesses can bitch about being “too big to fail”, and beg the tax payers for a “bail out”!

  9. stanky212 says:
    the same argument can be made for GM and less of a case for Ford now but why do you think these companies are not as competitive internationally? because they have bloated costs…its painful at first, but America needs to be able to compete and to do that you have to become as efficient as possible.
  10. vason81 says:
    Salvidrummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agreee
  11. gopconservative78 says:
    you run crummy business…..Walmart just finishing you off….ITS free markets you lose
  12. urbanjournalist says:
    It’s about the treatment of their employees you ignorant idiot they treat the employee staff inhumane. The greed is beyond competition. They put family started businesses out of comission it’s called outsourcing look it up feed yourself some knowledge intelligence…
  13. urbanjournalist says:
    Not like Walmart though Target will ask yo uto stay over, if you say no they won’t fire you. Walmart will terminate if you don’t comply thats the difference.
  14. urbanjournalist says:
    They do the same shit at Radioshack. I took a job there because I was temp. out of work. The corporate manager tried to strong arm & I told the fucker to go fuck himself and I walked out. No one controls me in that manner at a place of employment. You people should do the same.
  15. Salvidrummer says:
    these people need 2 stop their bitching, this is how competition is, someone will always come up on top and the other gets fucked, fuck small businesses bigger businesses means more stuff more stuff means more JOBS!!! and yeah 8.50 or 10 or what ever walmart may pay might seen low but its better then no job and no money
  16. slbiggs36 says:
    It’s not just Wal-Mart, Target does the low-ball payroll scamming too!
  17. Problem1204 says:
    i can understand why walmart employees hate their jobs/ lives and i symphtazie with the owners. but i have to question the honesty of the employees at 8:15 when they have a playground and have a lot of kids. I think both sides are at fault

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