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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Warren Buffett: “There’s No Way You Can Bet Against America & Win”

Warren Buffett: “There’s No Way You Can Bet Against America & Win”

(5/4/09) [Part 1/2] Becky Quick interviews Warren Buffett outside his Omaha home. Side Note: Could Buffett’s quote about betting against America apply to George Soros? (Part 2): Buffett comments on various headlines in that days news: –Buffett’s take on the Future of America over time (0:23) –Chrysler Bankruptcy aftershocks & unintended consequences (3:45) –Buffett on Corporate Tax increases: “One way or another we’re going to need more taxes down the road, there’s no magic wand on this, then the question is who they should come from…it’s a question of who gets socked and when.” (6:33) –Sen. Judd Gregg: What do you do about the debt? (7:59) –A jobless recovery? (9:38) Background Article: “Firms Face New Tax Curbs”: Video: CNBC


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25 Responses to "Warren Buffett: “There’s No Way You Can Bet Against America & Win”"

  1. DADODAMIR says:
    He saying a lots, that he dont know – And he is the best investor in USA?
  2. TheResistanceV says:
    This is the clown that said he would buy US treasuries even if they had no yield. So what good is his opinion if it’s so moronic?
  3. bloorwestreno says:
    lets hope he’s right
  4. mobspeak says:
    Yeah keep chasing that “American Dream” because that’s all it is.. a dream.
  5. Seano71 says:
    @bowtomonkey he’s more positive today, check out his latest Charlie Rose interview.
  6. bowtomonkey says:
    Would he still be saying this today?
  7. gengarjetty says:
    @ivjf212 :

    but were the previous recessions due to the fact that america was a saturated economy?

  8. peterwatson12 says:
    People simply want to jump on successful people such as Warren Buffet
  9. foster2367 says:
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  10. cardigan3000 says:
    if i had his money i wouldnt read papers id just go to the nearest strip bar
  11. WeLoveTranceOrg says:
    4 people are intimidated by his extreme intelligence.
  12. Score1ForTheRepublic says:
    Calling a multi-billioniar an idiot. That is truly fascinating. Please refrain from posting ever again. If you have a thought let a warren give it to you first, not vs versa. Thank you.
  13. TheBahram203 says:
    hey anyone who says buffet is an idiot ; HEY he has made hundereds of billions of dollars in berkshire hathaway and you say he is an idiot ??!!! you must be and idiot !!
  14. ctwatcher says:
    Looks like drinking all that high fructose coca cola has finally destroyed his brain! Karma’s a bitch and I can’t wait to see it!
  15. ivjf212 says:
    @DiggingNorway He’s talking about historic economic performance, such as the great depression and the crash of 87 and so on, there were many slumps and recessions in America’s “short history,” many of which Buffet lived through. Why don’t you go read a book about Buffet before calling him an idiot.
  16. DiggingNorway says:
    Buffet is an idiot. Look back a couple of hundred years??? A couple of hundred years back the people in the US was expected to live for 45 years, was basically not born in the US, but abroad (immigrants)… the US has, relative to rest of the world, no history at all. How can you use historic performance as a measure for future performance when the former does not excist?
  17. jerrybber says:
    @Avidcomp negators will be proved wrong just like its always been!!!
  18. Avidcomp says:
    California does have a special program…another bailout.
    Those banks will do fine because they’re getting bailouts.
    Buffett wants the bailouts because he’s benefited.
    Warren..the U.S. has not been saved. The debt will be defaulted upon because it cannot now be paid back, and then your dollars will no longer be a trusted currency.
    Sit this man in a room with Jim Rogers
  19. dave19941000 says:
    If it’s military betting then I bet on the US, but if it’s the economy m money’s staying here in Canada.
  20. 77magicbus says:
    Smart man. I love this
  21. gengarjetty says:
    america is a developed country. It NEEDS a big recession if it wants to really grow again. :) It can’t never grow again. :P
  22. HemiHead66 says:
    Bullshit - this country is finished. Right now all your commie friends are handing the Chinese everything to gain access to their markets.
    Money is just numbers, I guess inflating our way out is ok, but alot of people arent gonna like it, at first, but in the end its all good, but DAMN IT, we need, The U.S.A., needs to show that we are bad ass, and that we are responible, I say, inflate our way out of this debt, and NO MORE DEBT EXCEPT FOR EMERGINCES!!! Damn, lets show people we are the best nation at this game of numbers and we can KEEP A BUDGET, know that would be bad ass, people would say, Hey, america is bad ass with a budget!!
  24. bthegood says:
    I love his long term optimism and I totally agree, however he did say “at some point it’s (a county with high debt to gdp) going to inflate it’s way out of that debt” buy silver!! Gold should be $2300 an ounce silver should be $230 an ounce.
  25. chroNick546 says:
    @TYX91101 or perhaps the people are merely reflecting the mood of the media.

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