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We paid an attorney to file bankruptcy for us?

and he hasn’t responded to our calls or emails on questions about our status. I am a little worried. Meanwhile my car was repossessed and they are looking for my husbands, what should I do? I could of used the money we paid him to pay on our cars, but we are filing chapter 11 to get one payment per month for all of our debts.


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2 Responses to "We paid an attorney to file bankruptcy for us?"

  1. Max Hoopla says:
    It is undoubtedly Chapter 13 not 11.

    Go to his office in person and be a pest. If that doesn’t work contact the state bar association and file a complaint.

  2. jammin7000 says:
    ditto to the above comment

    Chapter 13 assumes you’re paying back your arrearages over 3-5 years and a part of your unsecured debt is eliminated..

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