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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » What are my daughter’s options upon receiving a foreclosure notice on her home?

What are my daughter’s options upon receiving a foreclosure notice on her home?

My daughter is currently going through a divorce and does not live in the home, although her soon to be ex husband does. Both their names are on the mortgage, and she just received papers that there is an impending foreclosure on the home. Can she put the house up for sale, and, or do what they call, a “fast sale” in order to get out from under this? He doesn’t currently work, and does not seem to care either way what happens.


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4 Responses to "What are my daughter’s options upon receiving a foreclosure notice on her home?"

  1. fuzzykjun says:
    she can not sell with out the husbands consent,, both names or on the contract,,, have her tell the bank its her husbands house and to bother him not her,, but if she works and he doesn’t then they will try to come after her,,, she will need legal help…
  2. Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar says:
    She will need his cooperation on this if both names are on the deed.
  3. Debdeb says:
    I think you mean short sale, not fast sale. She should call the lender and talk to them about it. If her name is on the mortgage, she is equally responsible for the loan whether she lives there or not. Her credit is going to get screwed, so if there’s something she can do to make it better, it will behoove her to do it. Call the lender right away.
  4. Susan says:
    She can try to talk the ex into a short sale but that’s best handled by a real estate agent and a lawyer both. She might as well call the attorney right away. If the bank takes the house she may be responsible for any deficiency depending on the laws in her state.

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