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What are squatters rights in CA after a foreclosure auction?

Looking for some help in staying put as long as possible after a foreclosure auction on my residence. What are my rights?


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5 Responses to "What are squatters rights in CA after a foreclosure auction?"

  1. LeahKx3 says:
    I’m pretty sure squatters don’t have any rights once a home is foreclosed on, because they’re not paying rent or a mortgage… If you must, stay until they involve the police and get a court ordered eviction.

    I am very sorry your home was foreclosed on, my mother-in-law’s home was also.. Its one of the worst experiences I’ve had to deal with. Good luck, dear.

    EDIT: also, if you stay and they press charges, you’re looking at a possible conviction for criminal tresspass

  2. WATCHDOG ?/{_)(* says:
    If you do not move the lien holder will have to get an eviction and you will have probably 3 weeks longer to move out, it would all be civil so you could not be criminally prosecuted for anything. In some areas the court will issue a writ of possession along with the foreclosure and the lien holder can have you removed immediately.}{
  3. Jordan Khalaf says:
    This depends on what the state and federal laws of California have to say about this matter.
  4. ralpinoy says:
    I’ve never known anyone to use squatters rights laws, every time I stayed in a squat here it was for a short time. Squats don’t fly well with most of the cities in California.
  5. BankForeclsouressale says:
    You have no rights, once the keys are given to the new owner, they can have you removed. You were warned so a sheriff would have full rights to remove you.

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