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What are the affects of a bankruptcy on a person’s future marriage and credit?

My fiancé’ has a bankruptcy and I have some credit card debt so I’m interested in learning more about how this would affect our credit, etc. I’m wondering if we should put off getting married til the bankruptcy clears and I work on the credit debt. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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2 Responses to "What are the affects of a bankruptcy on a person’s future marriage and credit?"

  1. Dark Green Money says:
    This is bankrtuptcy, not the swine flu.
    It only affects the person who voluntarily files a case and those who were foolish enough to lend them money.
  2. lickielicke says:
    Agreed with the prior answer. It should only affect the one who voluntarily filed for bankruptcy. As for your credit card debt, manage it well. If its something you can’t handle or having trouble with, seek help. I had a hefty debt and I learned my lesson. I worked with US Debt Eliminators and they helped me out a lot. Bankruptcy is not a fun thing at all. Take care of yourself. Good luck to ya!

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