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What are the best credit card debt relief services?

My friends husband died leaving her three kids and over $100,000.00 in credit card debt. She has been trying to pay but now is getting threatened with them taking her house. She make just a little over minimum wage on a part time basis and the depression is starting to drag her down.


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3 Responses to "What are the best credit card debt relief services?"

  1. advicemom says:
    wow that’s rough. i used a debt consolidation company and they made my credit worse, but my debt was under eight thousand dollars, so for someone in such dire circumstances as your friend it might be worth it to use one. i went with clarion. my credit was worse for using their services, but they negotiated with the banks and were honest about the payments.
  2. hisandhers says:
    Consumer Credit Counseling Service. They will contact all of the creditors and take care of all of the payment arrangements.

    It may be easier to declare bankruptcy. Now a days it may be easier to recover from doing so than to go through the Credit Services.

    As far as the service messing with your credit, yes, I heard that it does that. Be careful.

  3. 346j76 says:
    so far I have done good progress with this:

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