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What are the best private student loan consolidation companies?

I am getting ready to pay back my Sallie Mae student loans and they are expecting me to pay approximately $500 per month for my private loan. The only other alternative they gave me for a lower monthly payment was the Interest Only option, which I have heard is a horrible choice. Given today’s economic condition and the difficulty of college graduates finding jobs, I don’t know how they can expect people like myself to pay $500 per month. Are there any private consolidation companies out there right now that can significantly lower my monthly payment?

Thank you!


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4 Responses to "What are the best private student loan consolidation companies?"

  1. Michael says:
    Wells Fargo might be the only one worthwhile these days. Look for ones that have little or no origination fees and have reductions if the money you owe is periodically auto-deposited.
  2. Oxford S says:
    Student loan consolidation can have many benefits for the career minded student. With the prices of things going through the roof, going to college can be very costly. Many students don’t have thousands of dollars to pay their way through college.

  3. sunshineandroses says:
    Hi, with Private Student Loan Consolidation you have 3 top choices:

    - Loan Approval Direct
    - Next Student

    Read more on it from:

  4. okancontact says:
    Maybe you should check Abacus Credit & Loan

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