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What are the current student loan consolidation rates?

What are the current rates, and with the fed cutting rates, what are the chances the student loan rates will decrease as well? And if so, when?


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2 Responses to "What are the current student loan consolidation rates?"

  1. Katey says:
    Depends on the lender. Check the website of the one you are looking at. It will tell you (check the FAQ’s if you can’t find it elsewhere on the site).
  2. Found-1 says:
    To the best of my knowledge, consolidation loans are not federal loans, so the interest rates are usually higher than the rates you have on any federal loans. For what? I’m still not convinced of any “benefit” of consolidation besides paying MORE money out in interest. When you consolidate they take a 10 year loan and stretch it out to 20… more money for them!!
    Plus, it appears you lose the benefits of federal loans like entitled forbearance and forgiveness possibilities when you consolidate. Read all fine print carefully.

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