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What are the legal requirements in the uae if you decide to homeschool?

I have searched for information about homeschooling in the uae, but all that I could find was that there are other families doing homeschooling. If I do homeschooling, what are the legal requirements in regards for registration? How can I find others that also homeschool in the uae to compare notes?

Any information would help, thank you.


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7 Responses to "What are the legal requirements in the uae if you decide to homeschool?"

  1. mommieslovies says:
    You need to check with the superintendant of your public school system or the local government. I plan on homeschooling my sons as well.
  2. john f says:
    go on yahoo or google and then go on the search engine and type in homeschooling programs and they will show you all of them
  3. Blessed3x says:
    This organization might help:

    If you don’t find what you need there then see below:

    While I don’t know the law specifically, I know that if you can get in contact with someone who is homeschooling there they will probably be able to tell you either the law, or where to find out the law.

    You might be able to find other homeschoolers in UAE that can help you if you go here:

    Here’s another link that might help”

  4. oracle says:
    HOME SCHOOL LEGAL DEFENSE ASSOCIATION website has a summary of the legal options for home schooling in every state.

    ABeka , Calvart, K-12, Virtual Schools Like Connection Academy are some – or you might just go the old fashion way the library and keep a portfolio.

  5. Christine H. says:
    It depends on what state you are in. In Texas, there’s no need to let any authorities know/control your child’s curriculim (as a former homeschooled-child, I know we never had to talk to anyone about it here, but I know up “north” they have much stricter guidelines).

    The best resource for things like this is They have the best resources for anything homeschool

  6. junebug says:
    It depends on which state you live in. To check out the requirements for your state you can go to the Home School Legal Defense Assoc. (

    They also list home school associations by state on this page:

    Good luck!

  7. online_study_info says:
    Visite this HomeSchooling Site

    and use Search box with this keyword
    (legal requirements in the UAE)

    Best Regards
    I Hop U like My Answer

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