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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Relief » What are the pros and cons of using debt relief agencies to get rid of debt? What does it do to your credit?

What are the pros and cons of using debt relief agencies to get rid of debt? What does it do to your credit?

Those debt relief agencies that help you get rid of debt fast tell you to stop paying your bills and instead you pay them. They then use the money you send them to negotiate lower payoffs to your lenders. What are the pros and cons of doing this and how long will it effect my credit score for? Any experience is extrememly welcomed!


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3 Responses to "What are the pros and cons of using debt relief agencies to get rid of debt? What does it do to your credit?"

  1. iceman says:
    Its a legal scam. All it does it make your bill paying less complicated.

    - Your credit score drops.. thats the one thing I know for sure.

  2. spifiman1 says:
    If you are going to go this route use Consumer Credit Counseling Services they are the oldest in the Country and are non profit as in free.

    I used them several years ago and they lowered my monthly payments as well as the interest rates. I was debt free in 36-months.

    You can contact them at 1-800-388-2227.

    All of your accounts will show as “Included in credit counseling” and you will have to give up all of your credit cards. It will be almost impossible for you to get any kind of loan while you are in this program, but if things are that bad you have no reason to try and borrow more money anyway.

  3. CHRIS V says:
    If you are in a bind try contacting your creditors, many of them have hardship programs they can set you up on. Another option is CCCS, they will contact each of your creditors and submit a proposal which generally lowers your monthly payment and interest rate. I would not go to a Debt Settlement Company or Attorney. I work for a large global bank and we are done dealing with them. We’ve sent them letters advising them to stop taking on our Customers, and they continue to do so. They brainwash the Customer into thinking they will take care of everything. They tell these people not to answer their phone or open their bills. I know of three global banks that will not deal with them…Citi, GE Money, and Bank of America. Our company has taken a new stance…If we receive documentation from a debt settlement company along with a cease and desist we refer it to our attorney network to file the paperwork in your local court to try to obtain a judgement. So….I wouldn’t suggest one of those companies. CCCS or contacting your creditors directly is your best bet.

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