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what are the requirements for loan consolidation for student?

If student has taken private or federal loan and unable to repay.


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2 Responses to "what are the requirements for loan consolidation for student?"

  1. Kyle Busch is an ......™ says:
    There’s NO WAY to get them consolidated.
    You can only get loans from separate private lenders consolidated.
  2. Sailen says:
    If you had taken private loan then want to consolidate. One has to consult first with his lenders in order to know the options available for him to explore about consolidation rates. Main thing you have to take more than one loan.
    If you had taken more than one federal loan then student loan consolidation program is implied.
    you must be in the good books with your current loans. This means that its impossible to qualify if you are a loan defaulter or are behind in your repayments.

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