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What Are The Tips About When Not To Refinance Mortgage?

What are the helpful guidelines that can guide a person about when not to refinance mortgage. I want details of when not to refinance mortgage, because of lots of demerits of refinancing the mortgage at inappropriate time.


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2 Responses to "What Are The Tips About When Not To Refinance Mortgage?"

  1. Maria Alice says:
    It is seen that refinancing the mortgage at inappropriate times is not fruitful, so people must know when not to refinance mortgage to save themselves from long-term consequences. The most important thing that people must know is to have the understanding of the fact that is there sufficient equity in the home. A homeowner who pays the same amount for a longer period should not refinance because it would be not a good deal for him/her. The person should figure out the costs of the refinancing mortgage, and if it is not suitable, then he/she should not refinance mortgage. The person who has sense of when not to refinance mortgage is always successful.  :)
  2. Karen Evelyn says:
    google it, you will find your answer

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