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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Consolidation and Refinancing » What debt reduction /consolidation agency that will give high discount to help pay off credit card debts?

What debt reduction /consolidation agency that will give high discount to help pay off credit card debts?

I need help with paying off my credit card debts. There are so many debt reduction /consolidation agencies that I don’t know which one is good/authentic and will give the best rate (discount). For those who had gone through this experience, please advise. Thanks.


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6 Responses to "What debt reduction /consolidation agency that will give high discount to help pay off credit card debts?"

  1. Wendy b says:
    I wouldn’t use any of them they are rip off artists. They take your money and do nothing, been there done that. Go to Consumer Counseling, in every city or county, it is free, non profit and they don’t charge but they will contact all the places you owe money to and get you with lower payments and great ways of getting out of debt !! They are well known by all companies and acknowledge Consumer Credit Counseling as serious and good to work with .
  2. Madoff says:
    Run and run fast from these companies.
    I can’t tell you the number of complaints on here about them.
    They only take your money, tell you not to pay your bills, they don’t pay your bills, and you end up in court anyway.

    Please google debt negotiation complaint to see how it all works.
    If it works, you will have paid thousands of dollars that you could have paid to the credit card companies yourself.

    Get a book on debt.
    It will teach you how to negotiate, reduce interest, or settle.

    Or google
    national foundation for consumer credit councelling.
    click on an office near you, and make an appointment.
    There is no fee for this federal program.

    You can do this yourself – don’t get taken by horrendous crooks…..

  3. just a health nut says:
    Each debt consolidation service involves different criteria. All of them start with you gathering all your credit statements to total your debt. Choose a non-profit service for non bias help. Stay away from the online debt consolidation services if you can in my opinion, unless they have a brick and mortar office.
  4. Anthony says:
    It depends on the amount of debt you have…how much do you have?
  5. Samuel M says:
    The discount you get depends on the amount of debt you have and your creditor. If you go for a reputable company like freedom debt relief then the chances are that you get maximum benefit. I did my settlement with the help of freedom debt relief’s debt reduction program. I am pretty satisfied with their service, they even have a good track record, so you can go with them.
  6. JayT says:
    Most of them give the same deduction. Its really the credit card issuer that accepts a proposal that the company creates for you. But I do know that the agency with the lowest enrollment fee and maintenance costs is They have a chart on their site that shows the differences.

    They also have a lot of information about saving money, and calculators and stuff. You can call them for free and talk with a certified counselor with no obligation.

    Good luck. Big credit card debt is a !@#%.

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