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What do I do if my bankruptcy attorney makes a mistake?

My attorney filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. He thought I could have $20.000 in equity. But, I can only have $9.000 in equity. He has admitted he made a mistake but it could cost me my home. What can I do? He is asking me to let him work it out but my friends say I need to hire a different attorney.


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4 Responses to "What do I do if my bankruptcy attorney makes a mistake?"

  1. ednolb says:
    you need to discuss options with your attorney and talk to a second one to find out what options you really have available to you. Chapter 13 is more the BK to file when you have assets to protect not Chapter 7
  2. CLR says:
    You definitely need to hire a new attorney. You also should have the new attorney prepare a motion for sanctions and damages against the old attorney to recover your attorneys fees that you’ve paid him. This is obviously a cause of malpractice and this is why attorneys have insurance. Good Luck!
  3. googie says:
    You paid him. Let him work it out. If he screws up again,report him to the local bar association stating that he is incompetent.
  4. Wee_Willie_Winkie says:
    He/she can amend the filing…. simply have him/her do it.. on THEIR nickel….

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