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What do I have to do to become bankruptcy attorney?

I have bachelor of science in mathematics and I could not get any job since graduation. Due to my inability to get job, I had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. I noticed the bankruptcy lawyer’s office was flooded with clients. There were like 37 to 40 people sitting in the lawyer office lobby to wait for their consultation. The bankruptcy lawyer told me “its been very stressful with so many clients. I am sorry for making you wait this much”. He charges 1800 dollars per clients. And since there were about 40 in lobby, that’s an income of 72000 dollars already. And the consultation fees is 350 dollars for the first time meeting. Having seen this I get motivation to become bankruptcy lawyer myself and open my own law office. Because of poor economy I will surely get lot of people who want to file bankruptcy. And since I have bachelor of science in math I already meet whatever pre-requisites are required to enter law school. Moreover, my bankruptcy attorney graduated from my own university law school. So what more do I have to do now after BS in math to become chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer? I will file chapter 7′s for all the broke and poor people in the town


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2 Responses to "What do I have to do to become bankruptcy attorney?"

  1. Democrat with Backbone says:
    Get into a top-notch law school. Go to law school for three years. Get top-notch grades competing against other very bright people. Graduate near the top of your class. Get a job working at a law firm for 2500 hours/year, under the thumb of a bankruptcy partner. Develop your own clientele. Persuade those clients to leave the law firm and come with you as you start your own independent practice.

    Let us know how it goes.

  2. crbesq says:
    Law school is three years, then pass the bar exam in your state.

    And, out of that income, he pays office rent, staff salary, utilities, software licensing, bar dues, continuing education, malpractice insurance and more.

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