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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » What do you think about Robert Reich idea of taking BP into Temporary Receivership?

What do you think about Robert Reich idea of taking BP into Temporary Receivership?

He’s basically saying that the US government could take control over BP.


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5 Responses to "What do you think about Robert Reich idea of taking BP into Temporary Receivership?"

  1. ACESandElGHTS says:
    It’s a subsidiary of a foreign entity that did more quantifiable damage to the US than any other individual or state ever has. Why shouldn’t it be forced to pay through the nose until the situation is resolved? I say do it. BP will be a shell of its former self by the time this is over anyway.
  2. xomoc says:
    Well that looks good in theory.
    Will the government do it as then they would have no whipping boy to blame.
    Is the government any more competent than BP? I have my doubts.
  3. andy says:
  4. wwsracing says:
    I think they need to freeze its assets until there is a big enough trust fund set up to take care of the liability due to the oil leak. If not, BP could go under, or shortly could get taken over, and its assets moved to the new company
  5. mt01z1300 says:
    Pah – what a daft issue – Govt cannot take over a multinational company that is in profit and owned by shareholders. Obama needs a good kicking.

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