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What do you think of my take on Republicans and Democrats?

The founding principles of the parties:

Republicans: To uphold tradition, preserve Christian morals, encourage free markets and competition, and limit government and taxation; to sum up: value the individual over the whole.
Democrats: To drive social progress and technical advancement, embrace cultural diversity, ensure greater equality and social welfare; to sum up: value the whole over the individual.


Republicans: The belief in individual rights and freedom AND responsibility for personal gains and/or consequences, with limited government and taxes, is a major human value and characteristic. The competition and innovation this all entails provides the fuel of economic growth and prosperity.

Democrats: The belief in social welfare and equal opportunity, plus the moral obligation of the rich to aid the poor, is also a major human value and characteristic. The cooperation, teamwork, and investment this all encourages, is the engine of economic growth and prosperity.


Republicans: The desire to preserve traditional values and lifestyles is a hamper on social changes and developments that new situations can sometimes demand. Plus, the stress on personal rights and responsibilities can/will leave many unfortunate people in the dust, while the fortunate run the game. This is a HUGE moral failure, where smaller pockets of luxury exist in a society filled with widespread poverty. This can lead to economic failure as well, due to an inability of the masses to consume the goods produced by the wealthy capitalists (without debt).
Democrats: The desire to promote constant, rapid social change can alienate many people. Attempts to level the playing field for everyone can stifle competition, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Plus, all the programs and services to accomplish this require high taxes and government spending. This can lead to an economic failure through fiscal bloating and excessive debt, which, should the economy weaken, can lead to insolvency and default, further damaging the economy.

The problem today: Both parties are completely focused on symbolism, proving their points, and reelection, rather than practicality, and compromise. Each wants total control of the ship (government), without dealing with the demands of the opposing party. Republicans want a return to the wild west days, where corporations are free to rule the land, and the poor have little opportunity to get ahead, while the Democrats want a huge welfare state, where everyone is dependent on government.

Am I about right? If you think I am, tell me what your solution to this would be.


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25 Responses to "What do you think of my take on Republicans and Democrats?"

  1. I am high on acid. says:
    You went to far in depth into this.

    Democrats are idiots and Republicans are idiots. America is in the sh*tter because of both of them not just one party.

  2. Yep says:
    This has to be the most honest, non partisan thing I’ve EVER seen on this site.
  3. union ejicated says:
    I tried to read all that but I fell asleep. Sorry.

    This is YA. State your case in 30 words or less. There are too many ign0rant liberals here.

  4. Horse Head says:
    No, I think the synopsis is gross generalization.

    The solution is a more broad acceptance by both sides and respecting the fact they we must live within our means. There is room enough for a little of everything if we get spending under control.

  5. AAHHHH! says:
    I rarely see Christian morals put into motion.

    Democrats seem to screw over many individuals… valuing the plight of illegals over the rights of citizens is bullsh*t

    Both parties need to get a freakin’ grip…
    Your Summation(The problem today)dead on!

  6. The End Times ??? says:
    Generalities don’t get it, you have to look at what is going on with the terrible debt crisis and the Obamacare bill that passed and see who is for controlling spending and not increasing taxes and see that the Obamacare bill is a failure and there is a failure to make jobs and help the economy
  7. Louise says:
    Yes pretty close, but your back to the age old question. ” Who Compromises “
  8. Sean says:
    Impressive. I can find myself doing nothing more than wholeheartedly agreeing with you. Oh, and “I am on acid” or whatever the hell that stupid moniker of yours is, just shut it. It’s idiotic nihilists like you who make forums like this hard to stomach.
  9. JW says:
    Gotta agree with YEP, not bad. And I was looking for something to gripe about.

    A star for your efforts …….

  10. Larry S says:
    I will stay with the people who want to work to improve their situation, or with the rich people who succeed, than stay with the people who view failure is a reason to take from someone else.
  11. tm says:
    Term limits
  12. Wear a OBAMASUCKS T-SHIRT says:
    I don’t think liberals are what you say, thats the disguise they use, they are really wolves in sheeps clothing. They say they want us equal but they want their groups to be superior. They say they want to take more from the rich, but they bail out the rich and the rich get out of paying most taxes because of liberals lawyers laws. They say they want cultural diversity but they want Islam to have their laws in America and in other countries- that brutal evil sharia law that treats women like beaten up animals! They say they want people to have good health care but Obamacare is destroying good healthcare!
  13. singlewideslim says:
    I would say your essay is perhaps a slightly simplified representation of the 2 party system in some ways, but, overall, very good! Is this just something that interests you? Or is it for some kind of class? I like that you tried to look at both parties objectively, and I would agree with your basic thesis, as well as your conclusion about the 2 parties being focused on symbolism. There are probably some deeper issues dealing with the overall sophistication of the average voter and the impact that private media has on the collective understanding of politics, but your essay is quite good!
  14. Troy Aiman says:
    Bravo! I think this sums it up nicely.
  15. Les S says:
    You have the basic premise correct. and I applaud your wisdom.

    Generally, republicans value the individual over the society, while democrats value society over the individual.

    The crux is that we live in a society and are completely dependent upon it. We all depend on others doing their job and paying their share in order for our society to function. When one group decides that they value themselves over the system, the whole of society fails.

    The only problem that I find with your thinking is the idea of freedom. Conservatives do not value freedom in the true sense of the word. By embracing religion, they stifle freedom. You see organized religion is not free. You cannot believe what you want to believe when you are a Christian, Muslim, or Jew. You must believe what your religion demands. This is why conservatives are very anti-freedom of choice when it comes to marriage, abortions, or any other issue that conflicts with their religious teachings. It is actually the philosophy of putting society over the individual that guarantees freedom, as it is written in the Bill of Rights.

    You should read a very insightful paper by Albert Einstein about this very concept.
    I will post the link here.

  16. Keondra Grant says:
    We share the same views, good to see someone look at this with an open mind without bashing the other group. We keep voting for two opposing extremes and we are getting nothing done, well nothing done at a more faster past without all of the playing politics (stalling and distracting people from the real issues) that they both do. I can’t tell you a solid solution, but we can start by focusing on your last paragraph let the back and forth I am right you are wrong thing stop. It is doing nothing but dividing the nation further apart, focusing on the issue and actually coming up with a compromise for both parties. Some issues like abortion and affirmative action can come to middle grounds, but without banning them.

    I am more of a left leaning independent with some moderate views.

  17. bobber says:
    Close enough. Part of the problem is the winner-take-all election system. That leads to an In Party and an Out Party. The In Party tries to stay In and the Out party tries to become the “new” In Party. Consequently, the two major parties are really coalitions of interest groups vying for control of the Party machinery. Sometimes groups within those parties actually work at cross purposes with each other. Eventually, the contradictions come to the surface and it can get very ugly.

    I would like to see proportional representation at least in the legislative branch like the House of Representatives at both the state and national levels. It would allow for minority points of view to be represented, which now they either join with the two big parties or they can be like the Greens and the Libertarians who would rather be correct than elected. It may mean we increase the number of Representatives in the US House, but 435 members for a country of 310 million souls is not very many. Maybe it could based on population for each congressional district where in District A the top three vote getters–and which ever parties they represent–go to Washington. I like a third party called the Modern Whig Party, but in many states ballot access laws are written to keep anyone other than the two major parties off the ballot, or make it so hard that they spend all their resources trying to get on and stay on. That is, I believe, very undemocratic and un-American.

  18. Duran Duran says:
    I guess your evaluation of the two parties in and of themselves would be fairly close, but it has become more that just Democrats vs. Republicans. It is now more about ideology than parties. It’s Liberalism/Progressive vs. Conservatism. For years now Liberals have had power of both parties in Washington. While the Liberals are in complete control of the Democrat party right now, the Republican party is now engaged in a fight between the liberals and the conservatives for control of the party. People forget that even though Conservatives won a huge victory last November in the Congress, the Senate Republicans are still controlled by Liberal/Progressive Republicans. This is why you hear a lot of people say that the two parties are the same. For years it has basically been true because liberals have controlled both parties, more taxation, more spending, more debt, more regulation. When the Conservatives do finally get control of the Republicans in the Senate , THEN there will truly be a two party system again. I’m talking about party control, not necessarily a majority in the Houses.

    To me this would be a good solution because I think we would have a combination of Conservative ideas and liberal ideas. I would love to get rid of liberalism power in Washington altogether, but we know that will never happen, so go with the flow and try to work with them.

  19. Twurzz™℠ says:
    Its simplified, but also pretty accurate, i’d be inclined to agree on most of those points.

    edit: @ :
    “I tried to read all that but I fell asleep. Sorry.

    This is YA. State your case in 30 words or less. There are too many ign0rant liberals here.”

    This is probably the most hypocritical statement i’ve heard in my entire life… i really hope you’re trolling if you don’t see the obvious hypocrisy in what you just said.

  20. Caleb Groce says:
    Republicans and Democrats are no different. Anyone can claim to be something. But, truly they have there own agendas and will end up doing the same things, because they work and are controlled by the groups and organizations of people.
  21. Di says:
    Party ideology often does not serve all voters very well. A third party might be interesting and make the Big Two a little less sure of themselves.
  22. Cindy says:
    Democrats are the best!!!

    like if you agree :)

  23. Nianque says:
    As others have said, it’s a simplification but yeah pretty much.

    The solution is the Libertarian Party (or the Constitution Party but they’re too small and not really that much different from the Libertarians)

    They believe in the true emphasis on the individual and personal freedom that was espoused in the Constitution and that was followed up until the early 1900s. This system which allowed for the maximum in social freedom (even more than the Democrats) and economic freedom (didn’t even have an income tax) led to America becoming the wealthiest nation in recorded history. The abandonment of this libertarian (small L) system in the last hundred years by both parties has led to the current mess.

  24. Emmles says:
    Eloquently put.

    The solution is to get different parties going and seriously consider a third candidate.

    This site is trying to use social networking to find a good candidate. They are allowing anyone in the US to become a delegate for this ‘party.’ It’s very cool, check it out if you’re fed up with both of these parties.

  25. JDH3 says:
    Spot on Mark. I appreciate your honest assessment. I am proud of my conservative position and believe that it is the better of the two main political paths in our Nation, the greatest nation in the recorded history of mankind.

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