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what does insolvency and denigrate mean?

I am reading an article defining optimizing Healthcare, and after reading BOTH the NY TIMES and ORLANDO SENTINEL…..I would like to configure the words relevancy.


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2 Responses to "what does insolvency and denigrate mean?"

  1. Rikkudou-Sensei says:
    Insolvency means the inability to pay one’s debts as they fall due

    This word usually refers to a business.

    1. to attack the reputation of
    2. to deny the importance or validity of

    In other words, it means to belittle something…make something seem less important than it really is.

  2. ANGELA says:
    in·sol·ven·cy   –noun = the condition of being insolvent; bankruptcy.

    den·i·grate   –verb (used with object) = to speak damagingly of; criticize in a derogatory manner; sully; defame: to denigrate someone’s character.
    malign, besmirch, slander, traduce, disparage, vilify

    I hope I’ve helped you,

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