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What exactly are the socialistic programs the Democrats want to tax us over?

Everyboby keeps harping on the Democratic party’s socialistic program they want to increase taxes for. Exactly what program is that? Have I missed something lately? The only one I recall was the failed medical bill 10 years ago or so. Are they pushing another one?
Nationalize health care will never fly

There don’t appear to be any real answers popping up.
What’s interesting is that that people who keep saying the Democrats want more social programs haven’t put their two cents in.


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6 Responses to "What exactly are the socialistic programs the Democrats want to tax us over?"

  1. GloryDays49ers says:
    presumably more welfare, nationalized health care. expensive things we don’t need.
  2. dstr says:
    In all their (republicans) claims they never mention the Corporate welfare to the tune of Billions that is taking place in Iraq.
  3. homelessinorangecounty says:
    Democrats most i believe prefer safety net programs for lower and middle classes and infrastructure needs roads mass transport etc to secure our future for all Americans,. they think you need boots (and hands) if your going to be expected to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
    i believe that’s what made us great in the eyes of the world.

    republicans have pretty parks and harbors and streets in their part of town and make laws its illegal for the homeless to sleep in them too. its about meanest toughest get all.
    republicans war will cause guaranteed huge raise in taxes and more social stresses and less money for our future , but a few got much much richer..

  4. g says:
    well… national healthcare seems to be the only one with teeth…

    and between me and you… what I’m paying for health insurance right now (and the amount my company matches of it)… a national healthcare couldn’t be any more expensive… and would most likely save us all some money…

    there are no real answers besides that…

  5. arkie says:
    the only reason the dems haven’t taxed pu**y is that they can’t decide whether to tax by the inch or the hour.

    you see these signs everywhere: STOP
    means State Tax On Pu**y

  6. tehabwa says:
    Oh, are you one of the 1% of the population that owns 95% of all the money in the world? Yes, we want you to pay taxes. You’re the one with all the money; poor folk don’t have money.

    We don’t want to spend trillions to enrich Haliburton and slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. We don’t want it for torture camps.

    We want it to buy cheap meds for seniors, to find alternatives to petroleum-based energy, to fund the education of the young, and in general to take care of all of the things that keep the citizens of this country alive and functioning,to name a few items.

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