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What exactly does bankruptcy charge off like traffic or court fines?

I live in CA and owe almost $5,000 in traffic tickets and fines. My license was suspended and I REALLY need it back. If I file bankruptcy will it clear the fines off so I can get my license back?

I was told the only thing not removed was student loans. Is that correct?


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5 Responses to "What exactly does bankruptcy charge off like traffic or court fines?"

  1. YoshiRider says:
  2. maxmom56 says:
    Those types of things are not dischargable in bankruptcy.
  3. luckystarr says:
    Sure wont. Unfortunately bankruptcy only clears some dept-not fines, taxes or certian loans. I was in a similar situation with fines. Write to the court-tell them you are ready tp pay back the $ but would like to get the fine reduced. They will write off the late fees and most court fees and just make you pay the actual fine. I got over 2000 in fines and tickets reduced to 300 bucks and was able to get my licensee back in 30 days!
  4. hayesatlbch says:
    You can’t declare bankruptcy on state or federal money obligations.

    If you could no one would ever pay large fines or income taxes.

    Remember who writes the laws.

  5. SoCal Attorney says:
    A Chapter 7 will not clear the fines, but you might be able to pay them off over time in a Chapter 13. Contract a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys for a consultation.

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