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What exactly is the benefit of having a an attorney when filing for bankruptcy?

What does the attorney do for you? Their services seem awfully expensive. Do they just file the paperwork for you? I have debts that have been sold off again and again to different collection agencies. Do they track down these debts for you? I understand the paperwork is complicated, but I don’t think it is anything I couldn’t handle on my own after reading it over (and the NOLO book.) What services do they provide?


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2 Responses to "What exactly is the benefit of having a an attorney when filing for bankruptcy?"

  1. Mrs HarleyBrat says:
    get the atty – the paperwork is worse than you think – you also have to qualify through a “means test” to see if you qualify for chapter 7 or chapter 13 (did you want a 13?) most people dont’ want to repay they want it all to go away. Part of what the atty is charging you is actual court costs to file the paperwork (runs a few hundred right there) You could do it yourself – yes BUT what if you screw something up that you can’t later fix and then end up not getting what you want out of this? Something to think about – I feel better to trust someone that does this for a living than what you can learn in a book or reviewing info online. It’s not like your selling a car – you’re filing bankruptcy.
  2. Steve says:
    The bankruptcy atty acts as your representative so everything is done correctly the first time. The attorney will track down your debts so they all will be or won’t be included in the bankruptcy depending on how you want to proceed.

    Plus, if any creditor/collection agency contacts you once you have filed for bankruptcy, your attorney can have them fined for each contact.

    You should meet with a few bankruptcy attorneys. Usually, the initial consultation is free. This is where you can ask them all the questions that you need answered before proceeding.

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