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What happens after I file bankruptcy on furniture I still Owe Money on?

I am going to file bankruptcy on everything that I own. I recently bought furniture and bought it from “in store credit.” So my question is will the furniture company come and get the furniture that I still owe on? Do I get to keep it? I sold one piece of furniture that I owe on what will happen with that?

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3 Responses to "What happens after I file bankruptcy on furniture I still Owe Money on?"

  1. betotron don says:
    you owe no more
    your furniture is yours
  2. ~Laura and Scott says:
    If your worried about some cheezy furniture, you are worried about the wrong thing. You need to worry about, not being able to buy a car, not being able to rent an apartment, not being able to buy a house, paying huge money out in high interest for the next 5 to 10 years if you go bankrupt. It is not pretty go bankrupt, if there is anyway not to do, don’t. Period!
  3. DARYL E says:
    The creditor can ask that Items be returned, depending on how old it is they just may write it off

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